2 thoughts on “Cover 3

  1. #1 is way cool definitely definitely be used for something as it is my hands down favorite… BUT for THIS book… I feel #3 is most appropriate!

  2. Jennifer

    I don’t think any of these convey the word “provocative”. The first is a very messy portrayal of an iconic image, with way too many fonts. The second is just boring except for the “alien” looking images at the bottom. The third makes followers of Jesus look like a herd of sheep…which is not what should be conveyed here. A book that shows the radical ideas of the Bible in a “provocative” light should in some way convey a new image of God/Jesus/Bible/Followers. And, two fonts should be sufficient. I hope you come up with a great cover! I would love for this to be a best seller, and lead more people to the radical ideas of God. I can’t wait to read it!

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