Christianity’s Fate Is Not Contingent on America

Before you go off on me as being somehow un-American, I was born into a typical Pittsburgh blue-collar family. My Dad's first job was in a coal mine before he worked his way to owning a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership and fulfilling his version of the American dream. My favorite actor always has been and always will …

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My friend Cristal, who authors the Refusing to Tiptoe blog is on an amazing adventure with God. This is a very thought provoking read that got me thinking a great deal about where I put my security and what I want most in life. It is well worth the few minutes to read and the extended time of pondering.

Refusing to Tiptoe

As God is moving our family away from comfort and convenience, our eyes are being opened to the baggage we’ve packed into our lives.

When our home sold with unbelievable quickness and ease, we moved into a small hotel room with a few belongings – Thinking we’d be there only a short while and then find another spacious dwelling as before.

God had His own plans.

We have now settled into a travel trailer.  A house on wheels.  We bought my grandmother’s RV and slid our new home snug onto a vacant concrete slab.

I’m not sure if you received the invitation to my pity party the week we moved in.  If you did, you failed to show up.  And, you really missed out on a humdinger of a shindig.  Alas, I was left all alone to celebrate.

Thankfully, in my time alone, there is One who never leaves…

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