Get your copies of The Provocative God: Radical Things God Has Said and Done, and, Provocative Joy.

Imagine thinking you had it all figured out. You knew what God wanted you to do, only to have every door closed, sending you off in the completely opposite direction. Then imagine ending up in jail as a result of following God and awaiting trial with your life at stake. Could you possibly find reason to rejoice? That is the Apostle Paul’s situation when he writes his Letter to the Philippians. This walk through that letter is intended to give you a different way to look at life and be able to have a joy that truly is provocative.

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Provocative Joy

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Provocative God

The first book by Dr. Dan Lacich explores the radical things God has done and how it affects our view of Him. Ships in 3-5 business days


Provocative God & Provocative Joy Bundle

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