Have We Lost Our Way?


There is a line from The Hobbit where Bilbo Baggins is perplexed, and alone, and unsure of where to go, or what to do. In that moment he says, “I have lost my dwarves, my wizard, and my way”. The dwarves were his traveling companions on a mission to restore the dwarves’ homeland and he has become separated from them. The wizard was Gandalf, the wise one who called them together, but Gandalf had left with a promise to return. The way, was the direction to the kingdom that they were trying to restore. I see striking parallels in where the church is today.

Dare I say we have become separated from one another in ways we have not seen since the 16th century when the church, during the Reformation, exploded into countless, fractured pieces. We have lost our connection to Jesus, the all wise one who has called us together. We have lost the way to build the Kingdom of God that Jesus called us to. The recent storming of the Capitol is the stark and tragic evidence of how lost we have become.

I don’t intend to address the politics of it all. Jesus rarely talked politics and when he did it was about paying to Caesar what was his due in the form of taxes. Paul rarely talked politics and when he did it was all about submitting to the governing authorities, even when that governing authority was the Emperor Nero who would eventually have Paul beheaded, and use Christians as human Tiki Torches to light the streets of Rome. I am absolutely certain that Jesus would never have called for his followers to storm the Roman Senate with banners declaring “Jesus Saves”, like we saw last week in Washington D.C.

That kind of use of force and demonstration of human anger and power is not what followers of Christ are called to do and be. Some might object, “what about when Jesus cracked the whip in the Temple of Jerusalem and threw out the money changers who were robbing people?” Fine, let’s be about the task of getting our house in order in the church. That is what Jesus was doing. When it came to his relationship with the secular government it was always about submitting to that government, even if it was corrupt like that of Pontius Pilate that got Him crucified.

Christians in The United States of America need to understand that our task is NOT to usher in the Kingdom of God by controlling the government or through political power. Should we be involved and campaign and vote as part of our responsibility as citizens? Of course we should. But we must do that with the attitude and demeanor of Jesus. The Great Commandment was not, “Love your country with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and make sure to control your neighbor”. It was to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.” The hate that was demonstrated at the Capitol, and that has been demonstrated over the last decade or more, is not what Jesus has called followers of Christ to exhibit. Sadly it has been demonstrated from both the political right and left within the church at large.

The debates and arguments that I have seen Christians engage in over the last thirty years, have rarely been grounded in Scripture. In the last decade it has been even less so. There is the occasional verse yanked completely out of context, but rarely is there a deep dive into the heart of what Jesus calls us to, especially when that deep dive conflicts with our political, or economic, or social ideology. Arguments about justice are rarely based on what Biblical justice looks like. Arguments about corrupt government rarely address what the Bible says about living under such rule. Instead the debate turns to how to take power and control.

Why are we in this position? In part because we have believed the lie that this is a Christian nation and we are afraid we are losing that and are trying to take it back. When you are afraid you are losing something you can be led to do desperate things that are out of character. When your team loses it is all too common to blame the refs. They made bad calls. It is the other teams fault. They cheated. Rarely do we ever say, our team sucked and that is why we lost. Does this sound familiar?

America was never “A Christian Nation”. It was a nation founded on principles of The Enlightenment. That meant it was all about freedom, especially freedom of religion any religion, not just Christianity.

“But the founders of this nation were Christians.” So what? Yes, some of them were. Some of them were not. Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, which speaks of being “endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights,” was not a Christian. I mean after all, you can look at his personal Bible and see that he took a razor to countless passages he did not like. He cut out anything supernatural, any miracles, any mention of the resurrection of Jesus, and more. Sorry, not a Christian. “But the Declaration of Independence talks about God, the Creator.” Of course it does, a very nebulous God, somewhere out there, who created everything but has left it to run on it’s own. It is called Deism. Nowhere is there mention of Jesus or Christianity. They were actually rebelling against a Christian nation. King George III was not only King of England but head of the Church of England as Elizabeth II is today. Our country was built to avoid that entanglement of “official” religion. Why? Because so many of them fled England in order to have freedom of religion and wanted to make sure others had it too.

So where does this leave us? How do we find our dwarves, our wizard, and our way?

First, we need to remember that other followers of Jesus are not the enemy when they have a different opinion of things. The fracturing that is happening in the Body of Christ over political ideology must be breaking the heart of Jesus. Imagine being a parent and having your kids at one another’s throats over petty differences. It is far worse than that for Jesus.

Most of my formal theological education has been at institutions were I was not in the majority. In fact I was in a decided minority. For my bachelors in theology, I was the only non-Roman Catholic in the program in a Roman Catholic university. For my Masters of Divinity, I was one of two non-Episcopalians in an Episcopal seminary. Guess what happened. I learned to have dialogues with people I disagreed with and as a result I learned a ton more than if I had been in my own theological echo chamber. One of the main things I learned was how to love and respect people I disagreed with and who disagreed with me.

Jesus prayed that we would be one as he and the Father are one. What are you doing to make that prayer a reality? What are you doing that is inhibiting the fulfillment of that prayer?

Second, be more like Jesus, even when it hurts and goes against your political, social, or economic ideology. The whole point of being a disciple of Jesus is to become more like him. In order to do that you have to become a student of the life and teachings of Jesus found in the Bible. Then we have to submit to that teaching even when it runs against the grain of what we have previously thought and done. That requires humility not hubris.

Third, make God’s Kingdom, not an American Kingdom, the goal you are striving towards. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love America. I have been to more than 30 other countries around the world and there is no other place I would rather live, by far. But America is not the New Jerusalem come down from Heaven. Followers of Jesus are to be citizens of God’s Kingdom first and foremost. We are to be the best possible citizens we can be in this world, honoring those in authority and doing all we can to make their job easier. But we are more than that. We are to be pointing people to the love of Jesus more than anything, because He is Lord, not Caesar. If your political ideology is getting in the way of loving your neighbor as Jesus called you to, then I ask you, what needs to give, your political ideology, or the command of your Lord?

The bottom line is simple. Ask yourself this question, “Am I being who and what Jesus wants me to be so that he is honored and glorified and my neighbor is loved with the love of Christ?” It is all about following Scripture and not our cultural, political, social, or economic ideology. Loving them does not mean ignoring disagreements by covering over everything to avoid conflict. It does mean treating people with the dignity that comes with being made in the image of God. It means being willing to admit your own errors while giving them the benefit of the doubt and being willing to actually serve them as Jesus serves you. It means trusting that God is sovereign and there is no need for a follower of Jesus to fear conspiracy theories or give in to hate.

Keep the Great Commandment always before your eyes, Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. Anything that leads you away from that is leading you to lose your way.

10 thoughts on “Have We Lost Our Way?

  1. Will Cooper

    I did not see any banner in our Senate that said “Jesus Saves” on January 6th… I did see Jesus saves signs in the crowd for the protest…As Christians we should proclaim Christ at every level…Christians have had enough lies leveled at them as it is…I’m know one thing for sure we shouldn’t judge our brothers in Christ based on a media narrative that often is skewed by pagan journalists…also you speak of not wanting speak to politics the America was never a “Christian Nation”. John Jay Supreme Court Justice of the United States said it was… there were Deists involved in the formation of public documents…but the vast super majority of our nation was Christian…like 98%….we educated Children in Churches…in the first state Constitutions most prohibited service in higher office unless you professed faith in Christ…and I’m curious of which “demeanor” of Christ you are advocating…the humble love Jesus showed to broken-hearted and downtrodden or the passionate disdain Jesus held for those haughty religious/ Roman sympathizers who controlled the Temple…when Jesus himself stormed the Temple and cleansed it, flipped with whip in hand…


  2. Dan Lacich

    Will, thanks for the comments. When I speak of America not being a Christian nation I am speaking in the technical sense of what our constitutional documents say. They make it clear that the government may not enact any laws that establishes religion. This was intended to keep the country from being officially a Christian nation. While many people, even a majority of people may have lived as part of the Christian culture it meant that we were a nation heavily influenced by Christianity. That is far different from being a Christian nation in the constitutional and official sense. Other countries have had being a Christian nation in their constitutional documents. We have not.

    Christians should certainly work to influence the government so that it is just and moral. We are to do that within the bounds of the system we have. Storming the Capitol is not within those bounds. The Jesus Saves banner I saw was part of the crowd assaulting the Capitol. While it may not have been within the Senate Chamber, I think you understand my point in comparing it to the Senate in Rome.

    Jesus cracked the whip in the temple dealing with the corrupt practices in the church. I have no problem with us calling that out and dealing with it. When Jesus and Paul and Peter dealt with the secular authorities they universally called for our submission to them. Ultimately the demeanor I am hoping we can exhibit is the one that Jesus clearly commanded from us, Love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength and our neighbor as ourselves.


  3. Kenneth Murdock

    Dan, this commentary is a profound guide to how we followers of Christ should comport ourselves in these troubled times. Your best work ever, reinforcing why I subscribe. Thank you!

  4. I so appreciated this post. We have all but destroyed our testimony as Christians. I prefer to be called a believer because there is so much baggage connected with ‘Christian”. It seems to me Christians are more concerned about standing up for their own rights, even if that means violence. “Guns and Bibles” is a shameful combination. My hope is that this horrible event will open the eyes of so many who replaced Jesus and His kingdom with Trump and MAGA, thinking they were one and the same.

  5. Richard Mwita

    OK thanks my brother, we are still praying for you to come and preach in Mwanza Tanzania

    On Wed, Jan 13, 2021, 23:16 Dan Lacich: Provocative Christian Living wrote:

    > Dan Lacich posted: ” ON JANUARY 13, 2021 BY DAN LACICH There is a line > from The Hobbit where Bilbo Baggins is perplexed, and alone, and unsure of > where to go, or what to do. In that moment he says, “I have lost my > dwarves, my wizard, and my way”. The dwarve” >

  6. Jim Ludwig

    Thanks Dan, well written and needed to be said. If I’m allowed to make one minor disagreement… To establish a religion meant making a particular type of Christianity like Baptist or Episcopalian or Church of England to be the established religion of the country the way it had been done in England. Actually at the founding of our nation states did have the right to declare an official Church and did but not the federal government. I like the analogy of the flower shop that I used to own. We were not a Christian flower shop. We were a florist that was owned by Christians and followed Christian principles which were also good business principles. We had Christian and non-Christian employees. We did business with Christian and non-Christian customers. We bought supplies from Christian and non-Christian suppliers. But we did everything to glorify God. That is a better analogy of what our country looked like when it was founded. I agree that we were not founded as a Christian Nation. But the vast majority of the signers of the declaration of Independence and our founding fathers were Christians. Freedom of religion was an absolute and we accepted and loved those who had no religion. Two quotes from John Adams sum it up well. “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” “It is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand. Religion and virtue are the only foundations of republicanism and of all free governments”. But I pray for the time when Christians of all political persuasions will follow what Jesus prayed for in John 17.

  7. Patti Harshey

    Dan, there are so many things you speak of that I agree with, but also many I disagree with. Vehemently. Since I know you love to read, please get “Live Not By Lies” subtitle A manual for Christian Dissidents by Rod Dreher -extremely prescient to this time in 2021. In fact, I will buy it for you.

  8. Patti Harshey

    Saltshaker, please tell me that you condemned and were disgusted by the BLM “protests” from March – September. Please tell me you get your news from more than the big 3 networks, CNN, FOX, NPR, MSNBC, The NYT and the Washington Post. If not, you have been fed lie after lie after lie.

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