A Year of Listening to Jesus 2/1 John 4:50

50 Jesus said to him, “Go; your son will live.” The man believed the word that Jesus spoke to him and went on his way.

After chastising the crowd for their desire for a show of miracles and wonders, Jesus speaks a very simple command to the man who came and asked for healing for his son. “Go, your son will live”. The man took Jesus at his word. Something in the way Jesus said those words caught the man’s attention as nothing ever before. He believed Jesus. Without any evidence at all, he took Jesus at his word. He demonstrated the exact opposite reaction that the crowd had. They wanted more signs and wonders before they would even consider believing.

Maybe it was the desperation of the man’s situation. He had no place else to turn for his sons life. Maybe it was the power of Jesus words. Maybe it was the work of the Holy Spirit giving the man faith. Maybe it was a combination of all three. Whatever the case, the man believed and began the journey home.

The next day he was met by some friends who told him that his son was well and would live. When he inquired about the time his son recovered it matched exactly with the moment Jesus spoke. How powerful is the healing power of Jesus? He doesn’t need to touch people to heal them, though sometimes he does. He doesn’t need to be near them to heal them though sometimes he is. All he needs to to command that healing take place and it does, even if the person being healed is miles away. Once again Jesus demonstrates his power.

How does that impact your picture of Jesus? So often we see him as this quiet, contemplative, wondering preacher. He is that but he is also the omnipotent God of power who spoke creation into existence. That God of power promises to be by your side no matter what as long as you put your trust in him. You are never alone. Not problem you have is too great for him. Trust him.

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