7 thoughts on “Do I Have to Worship in a Church or With Others?

  1. Danielle

    It depends what one means by worship. Are you talking about when we have music and all sing to the Lord? This can be done even alone in your closet. Worship to me is also whenever I’m going through a test or trial, I accept that God is in control, I recognize His Lordship and in doing so, I’m worshipping Him.

  2. Dan Lacich

    Danielle. You have the right idea of worship that we are to worship God in all we do and say. It is not just about music and singing. We should worship The Lord when we are alone. But we should not fail to worship Him in community with others. The reverse is also true. We should worship Hod in community with others and not fail to worship Him when we are alone.

  3. Hi Dan, am so much encouraged the way God are using you to preach His word.Let me wish you a happy new year 2015. Richard Mwita Ondyek, Northland church, Box 152, Tarime, Mara, Tanzania.

  4. Robert

    Well, while you can certainly give God praise wherever you are, that is a no brainer. I think the answer to this question goes a little deeper. 1st, you have Hebrews 10:25 that tell us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. Also Ephesians say that we are supposed to be in unity with each other. The unity of believers is a VERY important doctrine that Christ taught and the apostles practiced. Kind of hard to be in unity with the believers when you are worshipping in your house by yourself.

  5. khalifa amin

    Greetings How are you doing hoping you are fine and if you ask about me I am fine so long time I have not hear from you and I am still hoping to meet you at anyplace to complete our programmes of Church planting and many thanks may God bless you brother your friend evangelist Khalifa Alamin Daldoum

    On 6 Nov 2014 8:21 p.m., “Provocative Christian Living” wrote:

    Dan Lacich posted: “Here is a question I was asked recently as part of Northland Church Ask a Pastor. Do I have to worship in a church or with others? Enjoy Dan”

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