People Who Sing Jesus

I need people in my life who are enough like me that we can connect, but different enough that they stretch me and make me more than I am without them. Sean Cooper is just such a person. His office is three doors down the hall from mine at Northland. In fact he is in an office that used to be mine. We have traveled internationally on many occasions and spent countless hours talking about life, ministry, hunting, soccer vs football, how to fix the world, and a host of other topics du jour. It is a consistent component of our relationship that I feel connected to as well as challenged by Sean.

Now he has written a book that I think will have that same impact on your life. Yes this is a plug for my friend’s book and I am doing it for two reasons. First, because Sean is my friend and he has written fantastic, thought-provoking book. Second, because many of you are also my friends and I want to you share the wonder of Seans writing.

People Who Sing Jesus

The book is called, People Who Sing Jesus. I have described it as a meditative devotional that reads like a conversation over a good cup of coffee. It is about the depth of God’s love for you beginning even before you were born and how that love transforms and shapes the song we should sing. That song is obviously of Jesus and our relationship with Him in the world. If you are at all like me you will also find that this book will sparks from great conversations between you and God. You can’t read this book without asking God a few things about Him and you and your relationship. That may be the most important part of the book, getting you talking to God in some new ways.

Just read the opening paragraph and you immediately realize that this is not just any book.

You may find this hard to believe, but your life is significantly attached to the original score of music. The most ancient expression of creativity began not in notes and scales but in the formation of life. As the Creator set the cosmos in motion, the framework for melodies originated, and those early formations are linked to your story. God’s creative work binds together your life with your purpose to sing new songs that connect to the Creator’s original score. Your life continues adding notes to the original melody.”

There is a grandeur to what Sean writes. Not because the writing is overly highbrow. It’s not. But more because the subject matter is so grand yet made incredibly accessible. Sean paints a picture of God that is captivating, inspiring and at the same time mysterious and clear. It also lets you know that there is so much more to the life God has place before you.

People Who Sing Jesus is available on Amazon in both a hardcover and Kindle versions. The hardcover version, instead of paperback, was an intentional decision. This is a book that you will go back to again and again, reading over year after year. It was made with that in mind. So not only are the truths timeless, the book itself is built to last.

3 thoughts on “People Who Sing Jesus

  1. “…enough like me that we can connect, but different enough that they stretch me and make me more than I am without them.” Sounds like Sean is quite a guy. And we need to read his book!

  2. P. Dan, What a nice review! I’m glad you posted because I meant to look into the book when Sean first talked about it and forgot! This would be a good follow up to Crazy Love, which my reunion group just started recently. Thanks for the reminder! And thanks for being enough like me to connect yet stretching me so that I am more (in God’s kingdom on earth). I am blessed! See you Sunday! ~Tam

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