Week Four of Genesis Study is Online

We are now up to date on the Genesis Study postings. Week Four, January 29th, is now available online. The class actually begins about 7 minutes into the video so you can fast forward to that point. Special thanks to T.J. Krusinski, Chris Gerrish, and Sean Borowski, great techs who worked hard to overcome an equipment and encoding failure. You guys are amazing.

Genesis Week Four Video



3 thoughts on “Week Four of Genesis Study is Online

  1. Thanks for this study, just seen week four on Genesis from Northland, pity we had to miss week 2.

    Very informative, well thought out, studied and presented, could do with less comments/questions from the audience tho. It slows down the delivery and presentation plus you cant hear them either.

    Look forward to the next vid……………

    Well done

    Ps, also watched the Christmas praise with the chldren narrating………..

  2. Dan Lacich

    Thanks for the comments and for watching the video. We are still working on how to engage the questions in the room and keep online folks engaged as well.
    I look forward to hearing from you in the future. Are you in the UK?

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