4 thoughts on “Does God Help Tim Tebow Win?

  1. Bruce

    That is a great interview. Tebow is using his God given talents and skills to win games. In his local post game interview he said he was going to spend post game with a girl that has had 73 surgical procedures and commented that she is the real hero. Tebow has humility, an expressed deep felt faith and the conviction to demonstrate it.

  2. Carol

    Tebow is an excellent role model for everyone regardless of their age. He worships an Awesome God and wants everyone to know about Him.

  3. Hey Dan! I watched your interview. I am a Tebow fan of sorts. I could really care less about NFL, and watch a little college football. However, Tebow has caught my eye, because he is passionate about His Savior and not just about his fame and fortune. It is great to see someone in the limelight with a heart for God. I got his book for my 14 year old son. I am hoping he will be an inspiration to him to care more about others than himself.

    Thanks for sharing!

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