May 21st and the End of the World

Maybe you’ve seen the billboards. Apparently many people have been wrong about the end of the world. It will not come in December of 2012 like some students of the Aztec Calendar think. We don’t have that much time. In fact we have very little time. Only to this Saturday to be exact. At least that is according to Harold Camping of Family Radio in California.

For the past several months, caravans full of Camping followers have been selling all their possessions and traveling America, preaching a message of impending doom. People have left behind family members, jobs, and empty houses. They are warning people, the end is near, Jesus is coming back on that day and the Rapture will happen. To a person they believe that Camping has accurately interpreted the Bible and picked the right day. Part of the reasoning is that according to Camping, May 21st will be exactly 7,000 years since the Flood of Noah. Of course they are not paying much attention to the fact that Camping had predicted that the world would end in December of 1994. Clearly that didn’t happen. Camping himself admits to a miscalculation the first time but is certain he has it correct now. Of course, I am sure he was certain that last time.

What is tragic is that these folks have completely upended their lives. They have sold homes, emptied bank accounts, cashed in pensions and annuities, and have been on the road for months preaching on street corners and putting up billboards. And they have been doing this not only in the USA but in Europe as well. In many cases they have left behind family members who just could not go along with this insanity. I keep wondering what will happen to them when they wake up on May 22 and are still here. What will happen to their faith? What kind of depression and grief will overwhelm them?

Jesus said we can never know the day or the hour of His return. InMatthew Chapter 24 He makes it crystal clear that nobody can possibly know this. He also makes it clear that this is intentional on God’s part. If we knew when He was going to return, being the kind of people we are, we would go about living our incredibly self-indulgent lives until a day or two before hand. We would live one way for years and then totally change how we live for a few days. What Jesus urges us to do is live each day as if that could be the day He comes back. He wants us to live in anticipation of His return just like servants should always serve their absent master as if he could walk in the door at any moment. He wants us to live lives that are always about our relationship with Him, always about being faithful, always about serving our King.

Recently at a small group discussion for Financial Peace University we were dealing with the question of being prepared for retirement. Someone asked, “What do we want to do when we retire?” My answer was immediate. I want to keep doing what I am doing now. I love what I get to do and to retire just seems like a waste of time and potential. I don’t look at work now as a burden to endure till I don’t need to anymore. I look at it as a blessing and privilege and joy. So why would I change that? If that is the case when I think about retirement then I think it is the case if I knew Jesus was coming tomorrow, I don’t think I would really change of what I am doing. I might make a few extra phone calls to some people I have been trying to introduce to Jesus, just to give it one more shot. But that wouldn’t really be any different from anything I am doing now. I wouldn’t hunker down with my family awaiting anxiously for the end. Why do that? If I am right on how I read the Bible, that would only be the beginning of us spending eternity with Jesus as part of a new heaven and new earth. No need to hunker down at all. I certainly wouldn’t travel around in a caravan declaring the end is near. That would be counter-productive. Who really listens to those folks anyway.

I think the only thing I might really do differently is look up a lot more, just in case I could catch a glimpse of the clouds rolling back and see the triumphant return of the King of Kings.

If you know and love Jesus there is really no need to get all worked up over end of the world scenarios. It is something we are told to look for, anticipate, be ready for. How do we do that? By serving Jesus everyday is if it could be the last day of this age and the first of the next.

8 thoughts on “May 21st and the End of the World

  1. Tom

    A great post Dan. Thanks for addressing this. May we always live with the hope and anticipation of His return.

  2. I agree in respect to “not knowing the exact time of return” but beyond that I don’t share your views. I respect your views and had I not had certain experiences that I continue to have, I would probably agree with much you say, but I have had some very different experiences because of which, frankly I believe I see more in whatever is in view. That’s not a competition. The fact is that some must see more to help others see more. It’s the way of Jesus to in his absense “feed his sheep”(all those who want to be his sheep). You may already have a certain block to what I say because I am a believer in Ti and Do as the Two Witnesses and for you to change that view may no longer be possible and it’s not my place to wish that you change that but it is my place to offer you that potential at this time. Jesus commissioned me to do so. But what makes you think you will recognize Jesus when he returns. Sure he said the sign of his coming would be as the light shines from east to the west and from the literal heaven’s – the sky, space, somewhere distant from the Earth. Do you really think he will float down to the Earth as he floated up? I can understand believing that but if that is him way to come and go, then why is it that 99% of the population of the planet didn’t witness his leaving that way, to where some think all will see him come that way. Isn’t that a huge contradiction or assumption to make, that all eyes would see him and better interpret what they are looking at as Jesus. Non believers can not see jesus for who he really is so there is much more than just visually seeing someone in the sky. Heck, with the technology of some as we saw with events like fatima, how do we know some hi techies, couldn’t put a hologram in the sky of Jesus. How do we know Lucifer hasn’t told Camping to be ready on May 21st and is going to make some show of it. Lucifer might be able to manage that and it says there would be signs that might even fool those who are “elected” to be in the book of life, which I’d bet the Camping people feel they are. What if they see some image of Jesus in the sky. Sure no one can KNOW ahead of time the genuine Jesus arrival time BUT what if someone somewhere claimed a new different day so that all the days in the calander were taken up, then would Jesus be wrong when he came on that day and if he did come on one of those predicted days would you deny that it was him? Maybe this sounds silly but so does alot having to do with faith and belief and all. But to assume because we talk about Jesus and talk about God and lead reasonably good lives means we are guaranteed to recognize Jesus at his coming is putting a great deal of stock in our own opinion and all the opinions that preceded and helped to shape our own.

    If I were Jesus which I am not, and I watched a bunch of believers leave all behind to meet me, even if I thought their leader was way off the mark and full of himself, if to be his believer/student/follower meant “deny self, pick up cross and follow me” and “follow the lamb whereever he goes” and “lay down ones life for their brother, for the son, for the Father as He did” and /or give up possessions and leave homes, I’d bet that would make Jesus and his Father smile on those for having the guts to take that chance. Whenever Jesus comes, should you look up and see him and know it’s him, all you’d do would be to make a few phone calls to tell a few friends? Hey, I’m no great example of putting my money/guts where my mouth is, at least right now, but wouldn’t you be talking to him night and day at that time and not just talkiing as he doesn’t need to hear lots of words, so he said. Wouldn’t you be ASKING as he said, asking, “what can I do for you right now?” Should I leave all behind and run around the country and get people to realize who it is that is hovering in the clouds for all to see, so that they don’t assume it’s a govn’t plot movie projection or space alien trick. Sure, when we have had certain success and satisfaction in life, not that I know your life, and I’m not saying you havn’t had your fair share of difficulty, trials and tribulations, maybe more than your share, but if not then of course why would you want to do anything differently. Maybe some of those who are willing to leave all behind were in some of those tornados or knew some who were or took it as a sign that they would be next and so it was no longer a gamble of holding onto those things. I guess I’ve beat that horse to death.

    However, when May 21st comes and goes as I suspect it will and I don’t think Jesus would come on that day if for no other reason than to not give credence to Camping, those who left all behind have not really lost anything they are not going to lose anyway when they die and die they will. If anything they are ahead of us as they will know that they didn’t need those things to be happy. At least some will probably think that way while others will try to get back what they left. Some probably kept their ace in the hole. When I left all behind to follow with Ti and Do, I did not have any aces in the hole though some who did the same as I did.

    For whatever it’s worth the one I believe you think of as jesus who I say was named Do this time around who came with his FAther who took a female body and took the name Ti which is why there was a “song” only their believers (with their mark in their minds) knew (as no one else believes it’s the Father and Jesus), has either come to me in more dreams of late or has sent some of my classmates whom I physically was with and knew well to visit with me in some dreams and gave me some little viewpoints of some future events that may help some to at least consider Ti and Do for who they said they were (and demonstrated to me plenty). I received notification of what I believe was the Boeing airliner near catastrophe. I detailed the dream when I had it on my blog, and I just had a new one that had something to do with a pipe that I thought was a rocket in a city that was being shot. Then I just heard the report of a pipe bomb that was found on a bus in Ireland where the Queen was visiting today and wondered if that’s what I was shown as the bus would be the transportion that I saw as the rocket part, the propelling of the dangerious pipe as I definitely knew of the explosive quality of what I called a rocket and perhaps if such a pipe went off, I imagine it might act like a rocket to some degree if one side was sealed well. I’m not saying I know this dream was this event but it’s now the second time I had a dream and the next day or two later somethng happened that had a close relevance. These are certainly NOT great signs and wonders. I believe the space aliens and their shinanigans are doing lots of that, so to confuse what I am saying with being that warning I think is simply looking for a reason not to consider what I believe is the source of my dreams.

    I’m sorry for times past if I have spoken in a harsh manner to you. I somehow feel your mind and I know I can often be a bull in a china shop in talk and deed but I do respect your knowledge of the Old Testement and more but in closing, since I see your are doing some sermons on Paul, beware of Paul. He didn’t know what fire he was playing with but he did more to be used as a tool of lucifer and I can offer a great deal of evidence in his ways and letters. I just posted on my blog a tiny but huge example of why he was NOT an apostle as he didn’t have that experience and wasn’t assigned by Jesus and the real apostles distanced themselves from him for that reason and the fact that he hated them until the Luciferians blinded him. Whe Paul blinded that person in acts 13 that was another of many big signs that this was not the WAY of Jesus to blind someone. He told his disciples to heal not strike people down.

  3. I wonder the same thing. How will these people feel when they wake up to find out that it was incorrect? To realize that they left behind their families to follow this. My heart goes out to them, I hope that they can turn to Christ and realize as you said that the bes thing to do is to “serve Jesus everyday as if it could be the last day of this age and the first of the next.”

  4. aiyana arnold

    i feel as if i have not done enough to show jesus that i really cannot wait for his return. i have not prayed very much either inless something was going horribly wrong. but i too hope that he does choose me as one of the many worshipers who can live in the kingdom of peace and live with him forever. i hope that he will cleanse me of all my sin that i have done. thank you for this post this is very much appreciated

  5. Nate: Nothing personal, but I so often see Christians making huge assumptions in my opinion, though when I research that opinion seems to evidence being much greater than my opinion but seems to reflect what Jesus said and intended by what he said, which can usually be discerned by looking at Greek to english translation options as there are many options to ever word translated and by cross referencing one can sometimes gleen a potentially more accurate result.

    So I’m picking on what you said a bit here though it may seem like a trival gnat while the implications can be huge to a thirsty soul seeking to be a student of Jesus teachings/words.

    So here goes:

    I don’t believe a servant of Jesus ever considers they are doing their BEST, because even Jesus said we should compare ourselves against the Father and what the Father considered to be one’s best, which is why Jesus said, to regularily ask our Father who is in the heaven’s for His will and to those that had real physical relationship with him (only those who walked with him 2000 yrs or so ago), what they at that time asked in his name, the name he went by, Jesus, He would pay attention to. (I’m not saying Jesus won’t pay attention to us now should we ask something using his name, but it’s interesting and I’d wager that millions ask Jesus for things everyday and I’d be willing to also wager that only a relative few get exactly what they ask for.

    However, in terms of doing our best. The measure Jesus gave to that standard of Best I think is reflected in this verse:

    Mat 5:48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

    And I’m glad you stimulated this, as when I looked up the greek for “perfect” I believe there is a much better translation choice that has many ramifications in other scriptures. Here is the Strongs definition:

    Greek: teleios pronounced tel’-i-os
    from teloV – telos 5056; complete (in various applications of labor, growth, mental and moral character, etc.); neuter (as noun, with 3588) completeness:–of full age, man, perfect.

    Complete, neuter and of full age, man

    This is very, very interesting and especially because Ti and Do always said that the meaning of adultery was “not becoming an adult”, which in this context would be not becoming “of full age, complete, neuter, a man.

    And here are some cross references to that definition:

    We know the Kingdom of Heaven members are not male or female (I have to research that as I believe it was in the gospel of phillip from the nag hamadi library or from the dead sea scrolls) but there is further support of that idea, is related to how they do NOT marry (scripture that says “those that are counted worthy of that life (the next flesh one for them, (resurrection (stand up again) of the good and the evil, jesus said as a requirement to have a flesh birth in order to have a spirit/soul birth), and the rising from among to the dead) neither marry nor are given in marriage but are like the angels(messenger servants).

    Jesus was teaching that celebacy was one of the ways in which we could choose to commit to “for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake” (see the scripture on eunuchs and note that the Essenes who some historians feel Jesus was among before his public ministry did engage in self neutering (castration). and that those that are among the first harvest described in revelations as from the 144 tribes (as the word “thousand” in some places in scripture can be equally translated to “tribes”, don’t have sex/reproduction anymore;

    Rev 14:4 These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb).

    Defiled was also translated as dirty, thus not having “washed their robes” (a requirement, which is the overcoming/conquering of our human animal ways)

    So unless we have reached that completeness, we are NOT doing our best. Now in case some might think I am saying that anyone who becomes celebate for God is guaranteed a seat on the God bus, I’m not saying that as there are a number of thngs we can do that will keep us from getting a boarding pass on that bus, though the standards for a graduate student (1st harvest student) and a soul that is to be saved for a future opportunity to become a graduate student, I believe are different, the reason jesus spoke to some in story form while his graduate classroom he revealed what He called the “mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven”.

    It’s just important to know the formula for becoming a member of the Kingdom of Heaven and it’s very clear that no student can graduate by works alone. One can look good on paper, overcoming this and that human behavior but if they are doing for themselves, like to look GOOD to others and to receive the best seats in the church or to live off of others as occurs in so many churches as opposed to doing it all for Jesus (the kingdom of heaven’s sake(as jesus as representative from the Kingdom of heaven is who we must do it for just as He demonstrated laying down his life for his Father who gave him his students.

    To aiyana arnold – sounds like you are thirsty and know/want to do more. You can ask for the strenght to give more and to recognize His will for you better. You may be ready to consider Ti and Do. Yes, they did lay down their lives reported as the Heaven’s Gate cult but they do not resemble any other cult or organization and I can prove that by many proofs. If you search on sawyer ti and do it will bring up my youtube videos. I am NOT recruting and no one is laying down their life at this time that I am aware of, so you don’t need to be afraid of being tricked into something. Ti and Do were not at all tricksters. They are amazing in every way shape or form and in case you ever considered that God or the Father or Jesus could actually incarnate in a female body, She did and the name she took was Ti, and Do recognized her as his Heavenly Father, yes the same Father Jesus gave his all in service to and taught his student to pray to. The fast track to taking leaps of growth and having help galore is to call on the names Ti and Do. You don’t need me for anything. All you will need is Them, though they may point you to what those who were witness to them (19 years their student) to share with you their experiences.

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