Featured in Outreach Magazine

Outreach Magazine deals with trends that are helping churches reach more people. Recently they did a feature article called “The New Virtual. It’s about using technology so people can gather for worship and reach out to their community without attending a conventional church building. They interviewed me about what we are doing at Northland. This will give you a very good picture of how people can connect and worship together and still be thousands of miles apart. The whole idea of people being able to connect with one another and be part of a body of people yet never be in the same room is a bit radical for many folks. But purely from a theological standpoint, we know that followers of Christ are connected to one another by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. All the technology does is give us a way to communicate with each other and experience that connection.

Click here to download the PDF of the article Outreach Top 100 2010-Online Worship Article It will take you to another page on the blog then just click the link.

One thought on “Featured in Outreach Magazine

  1. I think technology and specifically the web are useful tools for the Kingdom, however, I think they only offer an “echo” of genuine Church fellowship. The fact that worship music, a sermon, prayers, etc., can be shared via technology is edifying for members of the Church, but they are not a substitute for in-person gathering. Virtual experiences are clones of the real thing and therefore technology should only be regarded as an instrument to draw in real fellowship. It sounds like this happens with your Church also?

    I like the examples of those in prison, or those who are sick and cannot attend, however, I think it’s dangerous if we consider “virtual church” as real Church. If virtual “Church” is elevated and equated to gathering together in person, the temptation to not go visit people in jail and bring fellowship or bring Church to those in prison dramatically increases. We need to be more focussed on visiting those in jail, visiting the sick and being with them, praying with them, worshiping with them, eating with them, etc.

    We should be very careful to heed Matthew 25:31-46

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