Burn a Qur’an for Jesus.

Okay, it has been awhile since I have posted on what I consider to be a stupid move by Christians. Not that there hasn’t been any material to work from. But this one is over the top and I just had to say something before my head exploded. It is being reported in CNN that a Florida preacher is planning a burning of the Quran, the book considered holy scripture by Muslims. His hope is that this will have some evangelistic impact and cause Muslims to repent and follow Jesus. Are you kidding me?

Look I am all for trying to bring Muslims to faith in Jesus Christ. I am convinced that only by faith in Christ can one be assured of a place in heaven. So my objection to this burning of the Quran has nothing to do with thinking that every religion is as valid or true as the next. My objection is that this is as far from a biblical way to act as one can find and will in fact have the exact opposite effect. Far from causing any Muslim to reconsider his or her faith, this will only serve to alienate them further from the Gospel and will have that same impact on countless non-muslims who see this as one more angry Christian who is out of his mind.

Let’s look at this from a perspective that Jesus so clearly teaches, “love your neighbor as yourself”. Let’s suppose for a moment that this scenario is turned around. Instead of a Christian pastor burning the Quran to get Muslims to repent, it is a Muslim Imam burning a Bible to get Christians to convert to Islam. What do you think the reaction of Christians would be? Exactly! Many would be screaming about the horrors of Islam and how the Bible is our sacred book and that Muslims are just showing once again how evil they are. So why do we think that Christians burning the Quran will have any beneficial impact and cause people to want to follow Jesus?

It is far to easy to make an outrageous statement and burn a book for Jesus. What Jesus wold rather have is that we do the hard work of preaching and demonstrating the Gospel as He tells us to. The Bible says “speak the truth in love”. We don’t hold back from declaring that Jesus is the only way to heaven. But we do it as we serve people in need and as we weep over the fact that they are lost without Jesus. I mush prefer what Christians in Lebanon did a few years ago during a time of fighting between Muslims in Lebanon and the Israeli army. Instead of standing around and burning Quran’s and being excited that the Muslims where finally getting their due, the Christians sheltered and clothed and fed Muslims who had lost their homes or were simply fleeing the violence. When asked why they were doing this the Christians replied, “because Jesus said we are to love our neighbor and care for the hurting in our midst”.

You tell me, which kind of Christian would you rather be associated with? Whose Jesus would you rather follow?

5 thoughts on “Burn a Qur’an for Jesus.

  1. Garvey

    Way to give Christians a bad name. When these nutjobs insist on mistreating people of other faiths, we’ll all have to pay for it.

  2. Chuck here in Florida

    jane anzaldi :Love your thoughts on this Dan. “Lord, give me a heart like Your’s” they will know us by our love.

    ———————————————————————————–GOOD THINKING!
    Hmmmm, “Christians” are supposed to be followers of Christ.
    Can you even imagine Christ doing this sort of thing?
    Can you imagine his early, true christian followers doing this sort of thing?
    Just because someone claims to be “christian” does not make that person a true christian.
    Jesus said to ‘love and pray for your enemies’
    People like this “pastor” are what have turned “chistianity” into nothing more than a group who use that name.
    What so called “christians” today, do any of the things 1st century christians did??
    They all preached the word. Did not partake in any war [probably for fear of killing a brother christian elsewhere?] and because Jesus taught peace and love-not war or actions such as this fake pastor is about to perform.
    I wonder if he’d do so so flagrantly, if his son wasa soldier in Afganistan and may become a retaliation target?
    He only cares about making a name for himself, not about other human life.

  3. Rob

    You have to realize that Muslims living in Islamic ruled countries will never convert because of fear of death. The penalty for apostasy is death in Islam ruled countries just like the penalty for people who don’t believe in Jesus in the Christian religion is eternal pointless torture in Hell. People who actually believe that that is reality will never convert because of fear. Religious scriptures are written in such ways so people will not question the validity of its teachings. To convert something like that you need proof without a doubt that you are right and they are wrong and then it still may not be enough to convert.

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