Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Matthew 5:3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

” I am not religious but I am spiritual”. If only I had a dollar for every time I have heard that phrase. It has become the new mantra. People who have or want no affiliation with any organized religious group or tradition, still want to be identified as having some commitment to religious/spiritual beliefs and practices. Being spiritual is worn as a something of a badge of honor. Being religious is seen as archaic, cold, legalistic, and often arrogant. Being spiritual is seen as being free, enlightened, on a path to something higher and more noble and humble. Oddly enough I am convinced that the statement of being spiritual is at its heart a prideful thing.

As the first of His famous statements that we call The Beatitudes, Jesus did not say, “Blessed are the spiritual”. In fact He said the exact opposite. He literally said, “Blessed are those who recognize that they are spiritually bankrupt”. That is what is at heart of what Jesus is saying. It is extremely significant that Jesus says this as the first of the “blessed are you” statements. Before you can ever really experience blessing from God you absolutely must recognize how spiritually bankrupt you are. If you are ever going to recognize that you need God, you have to recognize at the core of your being that you are bankrupt without Him.

Going all the way back in the history of human beings our biggest problem is that we have been trying to live as if we did not need God. Saying “I am spiritual” is more about me than it is about God. In fact it is one more step in the process of trying to be our own gods in charge of our own lives. We have tried to deny our own need for God. Being “spiritual” is about my effort to get in touch with and become something other than what I am. It is about be being good enough to reach a higher spiritual plane. All of that sounds wonderful but it is dependent on me, my effort, my storehouse of personal resources and ability to become something more, something good, or holy, or enlightened.

The problem is we are spiritually bankrupt without Jesus Christ. We just don’t want to admit it. It is said that the first step of recovery is admitting your need. Our first step in spiritual recovery is admitting that we have nothing in ourselves that has any spiritual value. We are totally and utterly dependent on God for our spiritual existence. Paul makes it clear in Colossians 2:13-14 that before we come to faith in Christ, we are spiritually dead. That is just another way of saying spiritually bankrupt. We will never be able to get close to God until we can admit how far from Him we really are and how dependent we are on Him for any spiritual life we might have.

The hurdle that we need to overcome is our pride. We are afraid that if we admit that we have nothing to offer spiritually then we are somehow admitting that we are losers and we will be stuck there. What Jesus says is that we are spiritually empty but that he values us far more than we could ever imagine. In spite of the fact that we are spiritually bankrupt, actually because we are spiritually bankrupt and can do nothing for ourselves, Jesus came and died on a cross to open a treasure-house of spiritual life to us. We will not tap into that storehouse unless we are willing to admit that we are in desperate need of what Jesus offers. When you come to that place in your life you will be blessed beyond measure. Don’t be afraid to admit on a daily basis that you are a sinner saved by grace and totally bankrupt in yourself. Yet, because of what Jesus has done, you are filled spiritually everyday by Jesus who loves you more than you can imagine.

3 thoughts on “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

  1. Good post but there’s some that needs help and other parts that are inaccurate.

    you said the correct interpretation should be “Blessed are those who recognize that they are spiritually bankrupt”. Why have you changed this to your liking? Is it because you don’t know how else to understand it. That’s understandable. I did not understand it for a long time until I asked Do about it and he revealed it to me and this happened recently as while I was with Ti and Do for 19 years we hardly sought the meanings of scriptures though all they taught ended up being exactly in line with all Jesus taught and by the way DID as talk alone is very, very cheap.

    So what does this scripture really mean. It’s akin to “overcoming the world” as Jesus said in revelations was REQUIRED to be saved/be with him in his kingdom experiencing eternal life. It’s equivilent to “cleaning” one’s robe (the vehicle/body but most importantly the mind – cleaning our thoughts, a never ending process that in the doing assists in the building of our new eternal body BUT ONLY can be done in the physical presense of a member from the Kingdom of God. One can go to a mountain and fast and be celebate and talk to God/jesus all day and all night for years and if the representative is not there, they will not have the opportunity to “give their all to that representative, an absoslute eventual requirment to reap the rewards”. Okay, but what is “spirit”. Pneuma in greek actualy can mean a discarnate (mind without a body (aka ghost) OR a Soul (a gifted seed of the new body (new wine skin) or a mind (but not human mind, as the Kingdom of God has no real use for human mind anymore than a human has use for a dogs mind. They are offerring a tiny few (the masses never see at the same time) a tiny glimpse of their MIND (new wine) – ‘breath of life given to adam through his nostrils – right to the brain that animates that being in a way it was not before that breath of life’. So which is it? blessed are you who are poor in spirit, soul or mind? Well it all comes down to somethng very, very simple. It can’t be “poor in soul” since those human beings that were never gifted with a soul/seed “god type implant (a opposed to alien and /or human implants)” are already “poor” (not having) that soul and no one can benefit in God’s kingdom with their seed in them. Can it be poor in MIND that blesses us? And yes, but not poor in God’s mind (holy mind). Now remember, mind is data. It’s the word. It’s information, but not just any information. It’s only information that originated from a representative from the actual Kingdom of God. That’s the ONLY mind we don’t want to be poor in. We NEED that mind to be born into their kingdom just like a human baby needs mothers blood to nourish it. So what we want to be poor in is “human mind” which equates to all human thinking eventually (but not right away and not automatically and not instigated by us). But we can’t get rid of all human mind without somethign to replace it with. To become a meditator and to focus on nothuingness yeilds nothingness. It’s a good tool to be able to block out thoughts but not if you end up blocking out thoughts coming to us by a genuine rep incarnate with us. Thus we need to be open to all thoughts – ideas that is until that next rep incarnates to awaken those they prepped to recveive their next trimester lesson plan towards harvest/graduation out of the human kingdom. So cave in himilayas will simply yeild cave in himalayas. If you want to “get off the mountain” you NEED a rep to take you off and you MUST lay yourself lock stock and barrel in their hands as best you can ( a never ending process).

    But the process of cleaning out one’s house, cleaning ones robe, overcoming all desires to continue to exist as a normal human, goes hand in hand with receiving new instructions from a face to face physical incarnate rep with us physiucally so we can physically follow in their every footstep to deny self (give over our will to them), pick up one’s own cross (burden, that puts one at odds with their total human family ( as all are not ready to break away at the same time) and follow that rep wherever the lamb goes which includes regaining our virginity. Virginity is from the Kingdom of God’s perspective a choice, not a physical conidition as the kind of birth they are looking forward to for us is not as a human experiences birthing. The body is our incubator, the device in which we can experience the metamorphoic like process of that’s seed/soul growing in strenght within that human vehicle it was given to that again can only be grown by hands on feeding with the gardener/midwife from the Kingdom of God).

    So he is saying those who are “poor in spirit(human mind/thinking, ways)” in which we are blessed but even more that that as it’s actually the same application to being poor in discarnates. It’s having swept out one’s house so no “human level” spirits are aloud to dwell in it with us.

    When a rep is not here with us physically about the best we can do is simply try to follow the laws God gave us best we can and most of all talking in private and most of all asking God for service, as anyone not willing to be of service is not worthy of graduation. They simply don’t need any of us unless we can learn to function on their team in their way.

    Thus a prospective membber of the Kingodm of God needs to “exorsize” on a minute, by minute basis every “influnece” that woould take their eyes away from being single and whole and one’s body thus being filled with light.

    We all exist in a sea of discarnates. All the dead people since the beginning of this world (that the kingdom of God didn’ve vacuum up already, as they leave some to present choices to humans so they can learn the pitfalls themselves.

    Ti and Do called these discarnates “influences”. Now these influences for a normal human can be great to have. They actualy help us do what we want IF what we want is to excell humanlly – acquire fame, fortune, pleasures, etc.

    But when the rep comes incarnate and blows their horn (announces their arrival having come from outer space, here to fulfill certain prophecy, etc.) then it’s time ti decide whether or not to leave all behind to follwow with them night and day which means leaving our human world behind which includes friends, family and even chlidren (as Jesus listed some of his disciples had done to follow him). (that doesn’t mean abandon a child – Gods helps us with this situtation if we have children when the rep comes but it’s part of the prep work the kingdom of God does to help their potential studetns to not be committed to raising a child. ( I have personal experience with being prepped like that, as did others).

    Thus the aim of every serious student of a next level rep is to give all their familiy of discasrnate human invisible minds their walkaing paperas as we discover how to identifiy them so we can be “poor in discarnate influences.

    this is the gospel in part of sawyer

    Those who are willing to consider belief in Ti and Do will be saved for a future opportunity to overocme.

    Thus calling on spirits to help us or to do tricks for us to make us appeare special to humans becomes a huge negative towared ever joining with the incarnate new reps as we think we don’t need them. This is very evident in today’s “spiritual community”.

    IN this way, you are right, we all need to be spiritually bankrupt.

    Sorry this is so badly written. I just drove 700 miles and can barely keep my eyes open but have wanted to respond to you latest post.

  2. Dan Lacich


    Two simple things.
    1) The rendering of meaning as “Spiritually bankrupt” is in fact accurate and fits with what the best biblical scholars who understand the culture and language of Jesus say about the matter. I will accept that over any conversation you have had with Do or Ti or any other entity that you claim to have a relationship with.
    2) You said that all of this is the “gospel in part of Sawyer”. That is where you are making your mistake from the start. You need to be following the Gospel according to Jesus Christ and not your own.

  3. That’s what I said too, but my only source is understanding what Ti and Do taught. They rarely taught out of the bible. I guess I ventured too far off in my earlier post but I know it’s speaking to those that “wash their robes”, sweep out their house, both terms “robes and house” referring to the human body and in particular the brain that houses the information we retain – “mind” which is a type of programming and yes, as you said is largely the ego that chooses to hang onto. I speak to people all the time that refuse to consider that the Two Witnesses in Chapter 11 and 12 (woman and man) are in fact “christs” (according to Zecharia) and thus the “next” coming and that one of them is the same soul then called jesus, but with a new name as jesus said not to believe anyone who comes in his name, thus that also would eliminate His coming back with the same body that he occupied then as wouldn’t that be recognized as “jesus” the way he said he wouldn’t be coming back as! So next to no one thinks that one of the two are the promised return. But why don’t they want to consider that seriously and play it out? Well it’s because they have not swept out their house nor washed their robe, nor overcome their human nature OR attempted to do so enough to draw to them the truth when it’s potentially right before their eyes. Instead like with the jews in jesus time, most will continue to talk about when he comes and what he will do with a grandeous viewpoint, while he will in face come as a thief in the night – secretly as always to steal away – “catch” (rapture) away those who came with him in their soul bodies who captured physical human “horses” to complete their overcoming task towards harvest, in plain terms: graduation from the human kingdom level of cyclic life.

    Thus “bankrupt” implies that these same souls once had abundance of spirit but for one reason or another lost it as it also imply s they wouldn’t want to lose it. I don’t know anyone who legitimately wants to go bankrupt or sees it as a “good” thing, though of course in todays laws it can end up being, but in God’s laws being poor of spirit is beneficial because it means you have less impediment toward the real cleaning of your house/robe that IS an imperative to membership in God’s kingdom.

    2) Now your saying that I am making a mistake may be a hasty judgement against me. I suggest you look up the meaning of the word “gospel”? It simply means:

    from strongs concordance: “to announce good news – to declare, bring (declare, show) glad (good) tidings.”

    Why can’t anyone do this? Arn’t you attempting to share your understandings of the expressions of other’s experiences. Why is it a problem to call my sharing declarations by the name I’m using as you are Dan.

    Now on another note, (even though you don’t seem to want to consider nor debate the teachings of Ti and Do (using scripture entirely if you like, which I am always open to) as being from the same family of God as The Father and Jesus ( just using different names as jesus said he would (indirectly by saying he wouldn’t be returning as Jesus, or else he should be seen as an imposter), to me there is a ton of written and experiential evidences, and as I was their student for 19 years, in their physical presense the entire time I can “declare their good news(gospel)” and since Do named me Sawyer at one point, like all the disciples of jesus were surnamed, I have the authority of Ti and Do to call what I write and say the “gospel of Sawyer” as I am not testifying of myself. I am testifying of my experience with Ti and Do. If you and other listener/readers were “poor in spirit” you might stand a chance to be willing to open up your eyes/ears to all the many things they taught/revealed and from your prospective are actually exactly in line with the thoughts, ways and actions of the Jesus and Moses and Enoch records (and all of the prophets, etc.).

    But it’s no sweat off my back whether you are willing to consider Ti and Do or not. Few considered jesus after he left the Earth in his “cloud of light” travel device – the normal way he comes and goes and the way They came back this time as well, though with more fanfare, that of course is never interpreted or recognized(seen) by the larger part of the mass of the human species on Earth.

    I’m expecting you to discontinue approval of my comments on your blog, now that you’ve sought to insult me and give my advise of who I am following when you have no idea, that’s zero idea how much I follow the Gospel of Jesus.

    But that’s okay. I’m not really insulted at all. It goes with the territory of presenting new things to a population that largely doesn’t want to hear anything new.

    In actuality had I not been one of those captured horses, I might be just as so many, talking about when Jesus comes and how to be ready but I was captured and I took to the capturing with all my heart, soul, mind and strength for a long, long time and had many many experiences and yet I still was not acceptable (in my current state of mind) to qualify to remain with them, though they also never asked me to leave as they did do to dozens throughout the years when they knew some were not in their “experiential styled classroom” for the right reasons. Some simply wanted to get on the bandwagon and were not willing to detach from all they were attached to, a basic requirement Jesus laid out well.

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