Newspaper Interview on Risking Yourself for Someone Else

Yesterday I was interviewed by the Orlando Sentinel for an article looking at why some people take the risk of endangering themselves in order to save another person. It was a great opportunity to talk about Jesus command to love our neighbor. I hope you enjoy it. Here is the link: Ethics 101: How Do You Decide To Save a Life?

3 thoughts on “Newspaper Interview on Risking Yourself for Someone Else

  1. Great subject. You might want to investigate the thinking and behaviour of the group called Heaven’s Gate, who in 1997, 39 members decided to voluntarily end their physical lives in belief/faith/trust that there was an afterlife that they were preparing for, first for a short while in the spirit world but then because of whom they felt they knew they were connected/graphed to, would receive a new physical body that is no longer of the same kind of flesh quality as human, but was more like a plant in composition so it could thrive moreorless almost entirely off of a type of photosynthesis while the MIND (soul/spirit), because of having run the gamut of attempting to exist “mind over matter” (in the sense of conquering (enough) their human sensory desires (natural to human but also natural to be willing to eventually not be driven by), called by old records, now considered religious materials, Overcoming the world (obstaining from even natural human carnal worldly behaviours, at the direction of one believed to be from a Level of life that is above their station biologically and in fact in all ways just as the way a human is in some ways “above” more evolved than animals and animal more evolved than plants.) Jesus served as this Older Member in what Ti and Do called the Evolutionary Level Above Human, a physical, many membered new environment and lifestyle that is real, in fact even more real than human in the sense that it doesn’t cycle consciousness and physicallity on and off, so is out of “time”, thus “eternal” in potential. I was a student of Ti and Do for 19 years and knew most of the 39 well. If you want to really see this for what it really was, which I know will challenge anyone who attempts to, I am glad to offer you th at help, but I have no need to help anyone, it’s just a task I agreed to perform for Ti and Do to offer it until I exit my vehicle(body). I fully understand how the world has largely seen the group and they are not at all the same as ANY other group like Jim Jones and solar temple and david koresh, etc. and I can spell out why. In fact my last post to says a great deal and outlines many of the ways prophecies of the second coming of jesus were fulfilled in the coming and departing of Ti and Do.

  2. Dan Lacich

    Hey Mark,
    Would love to do a guest blog for you. Do you want it on this topic or do you have something else in mind? How would I submit that to you?

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