Don’t Talk to Aliens From Outer Space; They are Bad!

That little bit of wisdom comes from a man recognized as one of the most brilliant minds on the planet. Stephen Hawking warns that aliens from space are dangerous and if they come to earth it will be devastating. The TimesOnline reports that Hawking is certain such beings exist and if they come to earth it will be bad for us. Just like Native Americans suffered when Europeans conquered The Americas, so all humanity will suffer that and worse when Aliens show up.

Now before we get to far in this, I am not arguing against the existence of life on other planets. The Bible says nothing about the subject and like the late singer/songwriter Larry Norman I would say that if there is life on other planets, I am sure that He has been there and died for them as well. At the very least they are there because God made them to be there.

What I am arguing with and what I find so fascinating is the position held by Dr. Hawking that such life must exist and that he knows a bit about what they life might be like. I find it fascinating because there is absolutely NO, I repeat NO scientific evidence for the existence of any life on any other planet anywhere in all the created universe. None what so ever! Yet in spite of that fact that even scientists acknowledge, there are many brilliant people, like Dr. Hawking, who are convinced that such beings surely must exist.

Why are they convinced such being exist? There are two reasons most often given why people, even Ph.D. scientists, for the belief that life exists on other planets. First, the shear probability of it all. To quote the late Carl Sagan, There are “billions and billions” of stars out there. With so many stars there must be billions of planets around them. There must be life on some of those planets just based on probability. Now we need to understand that probability is not proof. If there is a billion to one chance that something is possible, that does not make it true. There is always that small percentage left over for it to be otherwise. To be fair, Hawking leaves that door open if ever so slightly. In fact I would argue so slightly as to make it a non-factor. Instead it seems that he and others take the probability as true. That sounds a lot like faith. You are trusting that the odds are on the side of what you believe to be true. The second reason we are told that there must be aliens out there is that it would be the height of human pride and arrogance to think that earth is the only planet with life and that we are the most intelligent life form on earth, therefore the most intelligent life form in the universe. That is a philosophical position and not a scientific position. It is so far from a scientific position that I find it incredible that a scientist would use it as “proof”.

I find it extremely curious that people who claim that there is no God because there is no proof for such a being will at the same time be willing to grant that there are beings on other planets, even when there is no proof for such beings. If they are willing to admit at all that there is some higher being out there, the most they will grant is that it is possible but since we can know nothing of importance of such a being, that being is irrelevant. Yet, Hawking and others are able to give us a very detailed description of what unknown, unseen, undiscovered aliens from other planets would act like, what their motives are, and how it would impact us. And they can do this while at the same time pronouncing that theists, people who believe there is a God, are fooling themselves and not using the brain cells that evolution has granted them.

Now here is the real irony in all this. By claiming that there is a God out there, theists can and do use the same type of arguments for the existence of God as does the “alienist”. There are numerous arguments that point to the existence of God but there are two that match the argument for aliens. First, basic probability can be used to say that given the vastness of the universe and all that we do not know and have not been able to test scientifically, there is most likely a being out there who is so far above us and so much more powerful and intelligent than us that we would consider that being to be God. Secondly, to deny that there is a higher being out there, a God, would be the height of human pride and arrogance.

Many in science would have you think that no intelligent, thinking person could possibly believe in God because there is no evidence for such a being. Yet they will use some of the same non-scientific reasoning to argue for the existence of aliens. They will also use pure speculation to decide what type of beings they are and how they would impact the Earth. This is not the stuff of science, it is science fiction passing itself off as intellectual brilliance.

What should be noted is that there is far more evidence for the someone having come to Earth from “out there” than people want to acknowledge. Any historian worth their salt will tell you that Jesus of Nazareth was a real person in history. He lived in the first century, had an itinerant ministry as a teacher, was eventually arrested and crucified, and that his followers claim he rose from the dead. Christians add to that historical reality by claiming that Jesus came to Earth as God in the flesh in order to be an atoning sacrifice for our sin so that anyone who puts their faith and trust in Him, will have eternal life. Unlike Hawking’s prediction that a visit from someone “out there” would be bad for humanity, the visit by Jesus was the best thing that ever happened to the world.

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  1. vrain

    soundtrack to listen to while reading your blog:

    well thought, my friend. I saw this from Hawking and have been pondering his perspective, since I respect his intellect so much. You have captured it well.

  2. The difference between religious believers and Hawking and Sagan is that they never claimed to be currently in contact with the aliens they believe exist. And they’d never claim to be without firm, scientific and repeatable evidence.

  3. Michele DeFazio

    My mind is a simple mind Dan. My motive to read this blog entry was to see if you included Larry Norman, which you did. I know you so well. I did read and enjoyed and agreed with your logic. Are you watching V? Alien hype is the new buzz lately.

  4. I find it interesting that V is getting so much attention when it couldn’t find an audience back in the 70s. The show has Christian undertones (at least the original series did) but not where people expect to see them… will be interesting to see if those bits are left in.

    In the meantime, what an amazing quote, Dan! And great point that atheistic arguments are no more founded in scientific proof than faith arguments are.

  5. Mike

    So often in discussions like these, terms simply aren’t properly defined from the onset. I think here the problem is lack of agreement on what constitutes “proof” and what can or should be accepted as credible “evidence.” A whole paper could be written on this thesis alone, but suffice it to say that scientists don’t typically define these terms in the say way as you and I. I don’t mean to imply it’s a scientist versus layperson issue. For example, a philosopher wouldn’t have the same views of the subject as a scientist would. A philosopher’s accepted brand of “proof” is not the same as that of a scientist. A lawyer’s definition of “evidence” would be quite different from a scientist’s, and so on. This is why it is so important to begin on the same page when discussing topics of this nature. I agree with Dan that no atheist or theist has yet to arrive at his or her worldview through the application of pure logic or a demonstration of absolute proof. So far, no one has proven God’s existence or lack thereof beyond any possible doubt. It is really a question of which worldview you embrace. Personally, I believe it’s difficult to recognize the evidence of God’s existence without first at least allowing for that possibility. Again, it comes down not only to what is true, but the cognitive filter through which we perceive the truth. The latter does not alter the truth, but it does change the way see and interpret the empirical world. Anyway Dan, I enjoyed the article and I also concur that Steve Hawking’s belief in extraterrestrial beings is not based on a preponderance of legitimate scientific evidence.

  6. decent article. I’m following hawkings as well and find him at least publically naive but glad to see the caution on space aliens as they are at best human equivilents with the same needs and wants and agendas that as we see in the world are generally very selfish minded even though many talk up their giving and give a little here and there when it doesn’t face them with too much difficulty.

    when you said jesus was good for humanity, how so? It’s not that I don’t agree but am curious what your criteria is.

    The problem though is that everything to come that looks like a ufo will be considered to be alien when in fact the kingdom of god sends us signs all the time from the heaven’s as is being escalated now in this last short period of time before the recycling is full underway in prep for the next garden civilization.

    And just as atheists are locked in illusion and many paranormal spiritualists are locked in yet their ideas that are often a mutation of religious materials and just as most religionists are secular religionists while the fundemental and evangelical religionists are locked in on what they expect when it may have already happened, as occurred time and time before, but in jesus time most evident to us, all but a tiny, tiny few become privey to the real thing when it comes as they can’t imagine it to be what they were raised to worship by all the corrupt and clearly politically embedded so called believers in god regardless of type and degree.

    It was Ti and Do who were the two witnesses, The Father and Son returned as promised in the book of john and the two olive trees, annointed ones according to zecharia and revelations 11 and 12 to say the least. they and their saintly students whom I knew well voluntarily layed down their physical bodies to take up their new life in the real and physical kingdom of god’s craft, as Jesus didn’t take his physical body with him into a cloud of light for no reason. It was to reenforce his physicality and that he comes and goes from the heaven’s. So many think jesus is coming back for them while they do next to nothing jesus said to do in how they live, but it’s really fine. Jesus is still coming back one more time, this time simply to collect the believers in his last incarnation as Do, to “save” them for a future opportunity to overcome their world which will be at the start of the next civilization.

    Thus when he comes if you havn’t begun to talk to ti and do by then, you’d better then or else there is no promise of any future life.

    sorry but the next level above human doesn’t need us so they have very strict requirments for entry. we need to deny our own will and thus become submiting to whoever the rep they sent is whom will only be recognized if you genetically were prepped to recognize your sheppard which in my telling you this and your not immediealtly disqualifying it’s truthfullness might put you in good stead to recognize the next rep if your current soul is saved. sorry for the poorly constructed comment but you can hear more on wed 10pm-12am et. if you can keep your discarnate (evil) spirits away from your head long enough to open your eyes to this reality I am sharing. I sympothitize as I too have the same challenges and are not promiseed anything more than you just for talking the talk here. Don’t take my word for it, ask Ti and Do.

  7. the second coming like the last coming was a face to face coming. jesus was to tell us more things about the kingdom of heaven sharing answers to many of the mysteries while in scientific ways all things will be revealed. However, all things being revealed doesn’t mean all will be willing to examine all things. Jesus also said in John, he and his father would come and dwell with us. Yes, he comes with the clouds, from the sky, literal heaven’s, his heavenly kingdom, thus the reason ufo’s came on the scene as being related to biblical whirlwinds of fire and pillars of light and clouds of light in the 1940-50’s more than ever before, to prep our brains for the kigndom of god’s reality as opposed to thinking it was an etheric kingdom with just one big guy, his son and someone called the holy ghost. It’s many membered, each greater than greatest human but each younger than the one who parenteed them into their spirit birth. One is not born into the kingdom of god by being taken up physically. That’s the way existing members come and go when they want to emphasis their physicality so we’ll have that in our genetic database that gets passed on gnome to gnome. The first stage is “belief” which is really a term for trust and faith in as it must include “working for” the kingdom of god, asking for tasks to do for them, the number one now being to share the new info being shared with us. None of the many false prophets brought anything new. No one on any of these sights reallay bring anytbhng new. Tonigh on my broadcast I will state many of the thing ti and do brought that were new yet did not differ one iota from the principals or requirments jesus and moses laid down. I will also explain a lot of the reasons moses did what he did. If the editor of this comment doesn’t throw it out, you will have a chance to believe. check out tonight wed., 10pm-12am – call in or chat or just listen and talk to me later or download my podcasts if you like.

  8. Bruce

    I haven’t read the other comments yet but it makes me wonder how these PhD types get credit for being so intelligent. Who acknowledges this professed intelligence?

    A math professor did some probability studies using math; a Dr. Peter Stoner. The old testament prophesies were very specific and there were over 300 of them. He calculated what the mathematically probability for just 8 of the 300 to come true for just one man were pretty astronomical. His result was 1 in 10 to the 17th power. That is:
    1/100,000,000,000,000,000. Convert this to silver dollars and it would cover the State of Texas from border to border 2 feet thick.
    Karl Barth when asked how he knew God existed replied “Jesus loves me, this I know, because the bible tells me so”. Karl Barth was acknowledged as one of the greatest thinkers of our time. These whacked out wierdo’s that claim to be so smart couldn’t hold a candle to a real thinker.
    Or what about Voltaire when some of his students told him they were going to make a new religion. His reply was to tell them that shouldn’t be hard, all they had to do was find a perfect man, kill him and then have him raise himself from the dead in three days.
    Or what about Aristotle who is the one who came up with the concept of a difference between body and soul.
    I think it is a dis-service to past great thinkers to give people like this Stephen Hawking credibility. They should be ignored. PhD does not make one smart, it makes one trained in a specific field. Training does not equate to intelligence. Just my opinion which doesn’t count for much.

  9. cory rrab

    “I find it extremely curious that people who claim that there is no God because there is no proof for such a being will at the same time be willing to grant that there are beings on other planets”

    That’s a horrible point because we as humans are proof of life which means we know it exists and can potentially exist anywhere. There is no evidence of any type of higher power, so logically what reason would one have to believe in such a being?

    These scientists never claimed they had proof of any kind, its all about using the facts you have to come up with the most probable solution.

  10. Dan Lacich

    I have no problem with a scientist saying that giving the probabilities there is most likely life on other planets. But that hardly constitutes scientific proof. It is still a matter of faith. You are trusting that something is the case because the probabilities seem to work in your favor. If you believe in God, another dimension, time travel, or aliens on other planets, it is still all a matter of faith. You have what seems to you to be enough evidence to accept it as true but you do not have scientific evidence of observation and experimentation that can confirm it.

  11. How can anybody look at any part of what we call nature and not see literally tons of evidence of some higher power at play. Do computers and automobile and space crafts construct themselves or must there be a higher power to guide them into being and can that higher power be less intelligently defined than that which is being design/developed?

    One problem is thinking that what the religions and now a days the space alien led religio-spiritual sects, like Raelians for instance, hold all or nothing of the truth of what our reality entails.

    I find many so called scientists equally in avoidance of observations that mess with their cherished premises while those premises are constantly being challenged by those new observations, the same as religionists and their modern offshoots termed new agers.

    The facts are that there is zero evidence that life doesn’t exist all over and there is zero evidence that anything can come to be from nothingness and randomness and a ton of evidence that everything humans design/develop that have any intricacy of function absolutely NEEDED conscious and intelligent decision making and effort to bring about and what is created never has the capasity to directly outsmart it’s creator unless the creator builds it to do so, thus that which creates anything has to be the demonstration of a much higher power than itself.

    Now how much a higher power can be seen as relative to how great the design/development. Does anybody question that the gnome code system far, far surpasses any computer code model? It’s grows, it recycles, it changes it mutates, it thrives, it dies, it evolves and it self destructs and morphs into another form of matter/substance. About all even our smartest computers can boast is speed of calculation and the tasks accomplished which by the way are hardly as multi dimensional and responsive to all the stimulus the human bodies mechanisms are. Each CELL is a very intelligent computer system in and of itself embedded within others within others within otherws within others.

    What is proof of anything but what’s right before our eyes that we often least like to admit.

  12. Dan, none of what you list as faith is faith, unless you strip away experiences you simply have not had or wanted to have or fear having as too much change from our world view disrupts our programming and is not socially profitable.

    If you saw a human being looking image right before your eyes, would that change your view of what exists? Sure, would you think, what was in my coffee today or what technology is being shot down upon me, or am I having a stroke or is it possible another dimension does exist? All those possabilities become an exploration and in accordance with life after that point and other things that will occur, certain sense of which possabilities are more likley fall into place and shape “belief”. Now none of that belief is “faith”. Faith by one definition is “evidence of things unseen”, thus a scientist has faith that beneath the view of our flesh are worlds of microbes, another reality that without instrumentation would be near impossible to document as evidence (faith) of itself.

    Now you I believe are speaking of “blind faith” which is what religions are mostly encouraging by saying what they know exists “supreme creator beings”, which is fine but in how they are a intricate and valuble part of it, are very much in their own blindness about, which others see and then surmise that the idea of “supreme creator beings” must also be a part of their illusion.

    Many scientists are just as blind in their intreprtation of all things new and won’t even look at many things because they fear becoming like those who are blindly faithful, often because they don’t want to soil their reputation and career direction that has often paid them so well and generated a sizable ego from, again the same as religionists, who by the way includes new age spiritualists and science of mind people.

    Of course there are many that remain open minded to some degree but all, including myself have their limits. However, it’s the desire to press past all our limits that sets anyone apart from the sheeple.

  13. Sal

    Wow, thought-provoking stuff indeed. I realise how little thought I’ve given to any of this. I’m so glad we have God.

  14. If you do begin to want to look into more, it can certainly be or seem overwhelming, but that’s part of the price all who want to know what is reality from what is not in the sense of the idea of conscious forward motion. In other words, if we aren’t challenged, we don’t grow and how do we sort of challenge ourselves…well, by not ruling out anything with some life examples in it. For instance, to watch a TV show about some blob of an alleged creature that lives in air conditioning vents like on one of the xfiles is fine for entertainment and it doesn’t hurt to stimulate the brain like that, however if that dominates our activity or thought processes, pretty soon, we can equate that kind of preposterous premise(though in an energetic form, may actually have some existence – like a discarnate, a dead human or animal “spirit” for instance)) with things that may in fact be quite real on our physical terms whether we can find tangible proof or not. Another thing that happens before or while one is opening door in their mind, is they can easily get cynical and sarcastic and angry. Those are actually most often their “discarnate” posse that are like leachs on virtually all living humans that don’t want to see any of their hosts change. Now this does sound very sci-fi that is until one considers it and wants proof and then they slowly but surely will begin to experience more that provides a degree of proof. My advise to any experiencing what I am saying is to take a breather from whatever it is that is causing the stress but be willing to come back to it, or see it from another angle in which case it will still have more facets that are disturbing to that “posse”, but the mind (you) will have grown an inch or so, to be able to be willing to press forward.

  15. Using the vast numbers of galaxies and the vast numbers of stars in each galaxy and the unknown number of possibly life-capable planets orbiting each star to generalize the probability of alien life existing somewhere in the universe is far different from the absolute certainty in the believer’s mind of god’s existence that comes from reading one book. The two ideas are not even comparable, let alone compatible.

  16. First off, what believers in either the liklihood of space aliens existing OR God existing are “absolute” beliefs. In other words, everyone can be wrong, yet right at the same time because these are relative conditions based on individual experiences – what we are taught and what we seek more data on. Of course religionists or new age spiritualists or atheists often talk in absolutes which is reflective of their own indecision because we are all IN the fishbowl, even with our technology to peer out – what we learning is that there are fishbowls within fishbowls so logically speaking there is nothing absolute to “belief”. However, we never ever KNOW what we really don’t KNOW, again whats outside our own individual fishbowl of experience so who can say that another’s senses are outright wrong until we can be in their exact shoes. Thirdly, you are very mistaken as so many are. The book you speak of assuming that is the Bible, is composed of many writings by many people over thousands of years to which there continues to be more discoveries, – just like astrophysicists if they are worth anything will continue to make new discoveries, whilc the entrenched in their vein will call those on the leading edge quacks and the same goes for religionists who are just as entrenched into their limited vision. However, the data contained within the dozens of manuscripts that were escavated and passed along through the millenium have lots of collaborating evidences. Look into the Nag Hamadi Library, the pseudopigographer (sp?), the dead sea scrolls, much of which adding spectrum to what was written that was organized into one book. Sure staunch christian entrenched in the past religionists (any religion though) will say their materials are all there is, even fearing more data, even saying because of one author’s statement in the end of the “book of revelations of John” that nothing should be added to this document, that was put at the end of said, “bible” is the reason they won’t even be open at all to any other materials, when the organization that organized the materials called the Bible could have easily put that document in a different location as I don’t think they know for sure which writings came first. Humans are so good at nit picking to turn their own attention away from the core realities that face us all. Can anyone conceive of anything humans have created – machines computers, coming to be without a great deal of developmental mental effort, termed “intelligence” while the so called “natural” systems of the life – gnome are addmittedly and even recently, like the gnome being called biological software that they have synthesized and inserted into another simple cell, which again took intelligence, thus why isn’t it plain logic that the more complex systems we call nature and life – quantum, microbal and evolved to human, ALSO mut have had a relatively greater intelligence to bring to the reality we often take for granted, whilc many treat as if they created it all.

  17. Well, if all you’re going to do is rehash the tired old argument “it’s too complex for me to conceive of it coming out that way naturally over millions of years so something must’ve created it”, I’m outta here.

    Aside from that, I haven’t heard that Nag Hamadi and the Dead Sea Scrolls have become canon for any major denomination.

  18. I don’t need that argument – it’s more complexly simple than that. Did you ever create a computer program? I was a designer/developer for over 20 years. The only thing that software would do was what I coded it to do – not one iota more. Now I could code it to respond to various port stimulus – keyboard, video, audio(microphone), usb, etc., inputs, though each one required I design the interface protocol OR Zero communications. It never would seem to adjust and adapt to my mistakes or less than best forethought, that actually took experiences galore to provide me with. But even when the interface was working flawlessly, I still had to tell the software what to do, testing for every possability I wanted to provide, again a design element. The software can learn and adapt but ONLY in the ways it is designed to, to include it’s gathering of data to make more informed decisions. How is a worm with no legs going to decide to grow legs that can crawl out of the sea and if it would grow legs, how would it choose to grow two, or three or four or like a centipede 100 or 1000. Was it one at a time, each time figuring out if it will allow them to survive – find food, run away from predators. Now this tiny example can be extended to eyes, smells, on and on and on.

    Furthermore, how did brain usage evolve simply by survival of of the fittest and adaptations. Sure adaptation exists but why did the dominant mechanism that could propel a living creature to the top of the heap (human) move from a physical domination to one of a mental state? Why wasn’t physical enough. The ape could just clobber the other apes. What propelled them to mechanize. Could a dog ever, ever learn to play fetch without another being to teach it and another being that had the capacity to throw something. I could go on forever with examples.

    The real burden of proof lies with those who discount there being master intelligent designers/developers as their examples to date are puny and virtually non-existent.

    Now re: Nag Hammadi and Dead Sea Scrolls – ALL THE MAJOR RELIGIONS AND DENONIMATIONS ARE AS MUCH IN THE DARK AS TO THE REALITIES THAT EXIST as those who claim there is no intelligence beyond human. They are entrenched in their rituals and celebrations and brainwashing modes to where millions think they are the true path’s to godliness when they are not any more paths to godliness than heroin addiction – the fact is that ALL things are potentially paths to understanding what/who created our reality and that is why eventually to be counted as a disciple/student of the real Level Above Human the training period must include a willingness to give ALL our self determination away. The key is, who are the genuine representatives of that many membered physical Kingdom Level that is above human and not at all lifetime or terrestrial or mammalian limited or based.

    If you study the origin of every religions “canon” you will find ill informed entrenched in their own power system humans deciding upon what is included and just like atheists that includes even many in various so called spiritual pursuits (though I too am anti-theist with some idea that there is only ONE member, when the term God is really an expression of both some of the names used by members from the Kingdom of God and a term for the Government from Outer space, that are biologically also above humans as much as human is above animal. Thus the canon holds some very accurate information about the reality of those from the Kingdom of God in their interface with humans but that does not at all mean that is the only source of such record.

    It behooves any seeker of truth to seek out any and all potential sources and to look for the consistencies throughout and that is to date. A real seeker of relationship with the One true “kingdom” of God(above human supreme beings) never stops that seeking. It’s the entrenched that say, “don’t read this or look at that as the devil will take your faith away” when it’s just the opposite.

    Religions are corrupt to the core. Now that doesn’t mean that there are not people within religions to whatever degree that are not doing their best to live by the principals taught to us humans over millenium – ten commandments and Jesus updates. People are not religions unless they designate themselves as such which actually kills whatever seed (soul) they may have. Jesus was NOT a religionist at all.

  19. OH please, don’t try to dazzle us with your briliance. I, too, have been a designer/developer for over 20 years, and still am. I am well aware of how computers, and computer programming, works. And it doesn’t even apply in this instance.

    I have a better idea. Instead of asking some random dude you just met on the Internets, why don’t you ask an evolutionary biologist to explain the mechanics of evolution to you. That way, you will be able to understand it, and you could then come back here and explain it all of us. I, on the other hand, do not know how it works; I’m not an evolutionary biologies. Given that, however, I’m not going to pout and say, “well, if I don’t understand it, then it must’ve been god who did it.” I’m well able to accept that there are many things I don’t understand about the universe, but I’m not going to resort to magical explanations.

    On another topic in your previous reply, am I to understand that you consider all other religions, including Christian ones, to stand in doctrinal error except for yours?

  20. Religions contrary to popular opinion are NOT paths to anything besides what they offer people on earth but what was said by Jesus and Moses and Enoch for instance that are NOT religious, but history all hold very concrete proves for those who don’t fear taking the look and see. But even these three are not current in the sense of what can be said about our current reality in todays terms and in todays scientific understandings so are archaic and misleading in what we could actually understand, if we seek it out.

    I never know who I am speaking to. I don’t think of myself as a dazzler. Programming is not some godly profession though I’ve known some who act like it is but I beg to differ, in that computers and programming provides a pretty good parallel to the way the human body works.

    I am aware of many of the examples of evolutionary biology and they all so far fall very far short of a cohesive explanation of how we got here but your response is typical of someone that doesn’t want to look at it differently, tell me to go to some so called expert (a has been drip). I’ve seen too many experts and they never admit to the egg that’s all over their faces and that’s fine.

    But thinking that any talk of God is “magical” talk and explanation is a fear of the unknown as the only magic that is done is done by all those who act like they know stuff so present it as if they do when they haven’t really a clue.

    for me, I am a horse that an “above human” rancher captured and trained/taught which I simply attempt to pass on with the prospect that someone out there is looking, which I don’t care to really know about who that may be.

  21. You’re even trying anymore, are you? You’re just stringing words and phrases and cliches together, and not even caring if they mean anything, aren’t you? Seriously… what is a “a has been drip”? What is an “above human rancher”? “Proves” isn’t even a word, at least in a noun sense.

    Look at it differently how? You’ve got nothing new to offer. “God did it” is a tired old cliche, one that has kept us in the dark ages far longer than it should have, and you, the person so ferverntly opposed to the “archaic and misleading” should be the first to run from it.

  22. It is tough for me to address a lot of what I read, so I apologize for my poor attempts but it’s just about the best I can do at this time as often no one cares anyway so I’m not going to spend too much time at it.

    An “EX-pert” is the “has been drip” It’s not a pert anymore. It’s basically putting down the idea that anyone is an expert at anything. Sure there are plenty of talents and skills among humans but those with the most know there is so much they don’t know so how could they claim to be an expert.

    I do care about what I say, a great deal.

    Now “above human rancher” is short for saying that all that has been recorded as God and angels and archangels, are really bastarized terminology translated from experiences that were nearly impossible to comprehend without one’s eyes sort of rolling into the back of the head in disbelief, but in reality describing literal and physical beings (that also have the ability to be in an invisible form to human’s small range of vision) that are compared to humans, the ranchers while humans are like horses and wild horses at that. The wild horses never want to be captured by the ranchers but the ranchers are smarter and can trap them. Now this would seem to be a terrible thing to do right (though humans do it all the time to animals so it may not be too far fetched to believe that there could be beings that could do it to us). But as it turns out, when a human rancher captures some wild horses IF (and a big IF) these humans are well intended then they know that these horse can be both useful to the humans but that they will need some training first. Plus the humans know that all will not necessarily take to the training program so would single out those they feel can to work with more, while even letting others go back to the wild. And the humans also know that the horses will end up being treated like royalty (horsewise) in the human’s company. They will never lack for food, will never have to fight again for a mate, and will have lots of TLC they never got while wild and those horses that accept the training get to experience these things and more and even come to “love” their captors and thrive on the attention they get from them to where given the chance they would not even choose to run with the heard again. (and this pertains to many domesticated animals). Now this is more or less the way beings that created the ranch (garden) operate it. They capture human plants (humans are really plants just with an invisible root system) and they have ways of capturing the genetic strain they initially cultivated to have a capacity to not rebel from their attention to training them. This is very clear in the Moses writings where this Being who was mostly unseen though heard orchestrated the gathering of a group of the genetic strain they initially developed that were enslaved by the Egyptians. Then when Moses was called into the mountain, relayed what the first requirements would be to stay in the corral so to speak – the ten commandments. They were told this was how they could show their appreciation for being freed from slavery, though no one was kept in that camp against their will. Many rebelled along the next 40 years and lots of things transpired as these folks were not very civilized thus these ten commandments were challenging to adhere to. (It’s interesting that they are still challenging for many to adhere to, except for those of the offspring of those tribes of “horses captured”.

    Oh, I admittedly am a poor speller and slaughter grammar (or is it grandma) but I think for the most part some of the thoughts come through but I understand it’s not without challenge that in these days few want to wade through but I guess you’ve at least been willing to try and point out where I’ve left the biggest holes.

    Now, sure I agree that saying “god did it” is worthless but that’s not what has kept people in any dark ages. The fact is that compared to what really is, we are all still in the dark ages, though relative to what we used to know we are greatly enlightened. But WE keep ourselves in darkness even when the lights are all on around us, when we glue our brains to old viewpoints scientific or religio-spiritual.

    The fact is that I would also be just as in the dark had not a rancher captured me (a relative horse) only because the rancher (above human evolved) thought I might be willing to accept the training program in 1975 when I was a hippy musician living on the west coast of Oregon when the two ranchers “in body” representatives came through my town talking about stuff that no one till then had breached in nearly as realistically a way that I had to pay attention to. My brain had been prepped for their little talk. I was more or less of a new age mindset back then.
    There were so many groups trying to capture my attention and to each I had no inclination to sign up. The Hare Krishna’s, jesus freaks, Sri Chi Moy’s, christians, sufi’s, maharishi and yogananada all had their appeal but not enough to become one of their devotees. But Ti and Do, then called Bo and Peep were nothing like any other and I could go though many proves of that, but I won’t bother now as it may be of no interest to you.

    and I no longer need to run from the archaic and misleading religious. Now they run from me, as do the atheists. I mean this literally. Just last month I met on three different occasions while I was traveling in South Carolina and playing music on the street in Greenville, three Jehovah witnesses who literally walked quickly away from me when I starting talking about Ti and Do – the Two Witnesses. I understand why and it’s fine. Not my job to do anything more than plant seeds.

  23. Skitz

    I have never seen so much rationalized crap by so many pretentious people in my life. Wake up before you die and go to heaven

  24. this is the typical type of response from fear of what we don’t understand or want to understand, that is, if the other wierdo and skitz are speaking of my comments. Perhaps not. It’s interesting that so many can only make cutsy responses and not address anything specifically or in any detail. It’s not the fault of any of us EXCEPT when we cease trying to increase our perceptions and understandings of the realities around us and how they relate to history. It’s very, very easy to subscribe to what others did before us, what was promised and assign that promise to ourselves when at the time the promises were given only to a select few with the idea that IF and it’s a huge IF anyone else did begin to cling to the actual mechanisms of growing a concrete relationship with beings that are way above all space aliens and humans (all human equivilent evolutionarily, biologically, mentally (spiritually). There are so many dozens, upon dozens of direct parrellels with Ti and Do and the FAther and Son of 2000 years ago termed the Father and Jesus than that it’s beyond belief now, yet discarnates and space aliens and human hosts for same and my own crap keep me from getting it to you all. Because of what Ti and Do gave to the students they chose of which I happened to be one for many years and have since returned to a degree of discipleship, I can actually unlock most or perhaps all of the scriptures while also seeing them in relationship to simple physics as there is no difference really, but so few dare to approach me with questions. Everyone wants to “tell”. Everyone likes to be the authority and perhaps had I not been a “horse” in 1975 captured by the supreme ranchers, and accepted a degree of their “program” to become “tamed” and thereby serviciable to them (as they don’t have need for anyone that does not attempt to bear “fruit”, then I would be perhaps responding as some of you. I know some could think I have a big ego and am attempting to say I am above others but if they knew the facts, they would also know I know that even having this information, if I don’t share it increasingly, leaves question as to whether I really believe it and I have zero excuse for not giving more and more of my all. I am not judged by anyone on earth and nor are you. I mean, sure there are superficial judgements that can be very harzardous to our life but they can’t take our soul body, yet not giving any ear and consideration to the vast body of “new” information ti and do brought is saying to Ti and Do and the entire next level, I don’t care about what you have to say. I want to believe what I want to believe. And of course that’s fine, just a choice but to then condemn those who do want to know more and are willing to battle all the myrid of unseen forces that hate this information for fear that they too could be “taken” if they give into examining it, (a common lower forces argument conscious or not) is saying to the Next Level (Kingdom of God in the outer space heavens, (way beyond and above any space alien location or way), that you have none of their seed and simply want to be chaff. So I ask that you prove me wrong. I know I do a near terrible job as I’m always in a rush for time and/or energy in these responses, and I certainly do often see how I can see yet more but in some departments I have so many direct quotes in my consciousness from ti and do that I can’t deny that they are the amoung the highest truthes. And I AM NOT spiritual in any way shape or form by I’ll address that at a future post.

  25. You still do not know me. You use such terms easily. No one runs from me. I know I probably said that, but I’m taking a short cut in what’s really happening. When people meet me in person, I’m likable and I never preach but if they stimulate something I don’t hesitate too much to reveal my experience with Ti and Do and then whether they’ve heard of Ti and Do or not, they often become apprehensive and I don’t win any popularity contest which I wouldn’t win anyway. Some get angry, some back away and some are sarcastic and condemning of me, but it’s not me, it’s their fear of change that threatens most the most. It’s interesting that so many put me down and tell me how crazy I am but then no one has any scriptures they can quote that refute anything I say about Ti and Do, what they said and did that is IF they are the real deal, which how can any christian not remain open to. Why do so many think by reading a book or listening to a preacher and receiting certain words provides them with eternal life in some heaven. Does that make any sense at all and where did that come from. It was largely paul of tarsus an imposter clearly and translators who had no experience with the one called Jesus that ended up beginning the huge dilution process rendering all jesus said as figurative vs some of it figurative and the hard sayings literal, though not necessarily ready for us.

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