Reba, Reincarnation, Recycling, and Redemption

Reba McEntire is an amazing talent and an inspiration on many levels. Please don’t take this as a personal attack on the Country and Western icon. But among the list of her many talents, theologian is probably not near the top of the list. Why do I say that? It comes as a result of reading some comments she made in a recent interview. (Reba interview) In the interview she affirms a belief in reincarnation which comes as something of a shock to most people due to her clear statements of faith in God and having grown up in the Bible Belt of America. Reba said, “People said I can’t be a Christian if I believe in reincarnation, but I always felt God loves us so much He’d want to recycle us and not just throw us away”.

There are at least two things seriously wrong with what she says. One is simple from a Biblical point of view. The other is more subtle but perhaps more profound. As to the first thing. The Bible is clear that reincarnation is not part of God’s plan. Hebrews puts it this way; Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment, so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many people; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.” Hebrews 9:27,28. We don’t die and come back and die again and come back again. Just like Jesus died once, we die once.

Part of what is fascinating is that like many westerners who embrace reincarnation, Reba sees coming back again and again as a good thing. In the article she muses that maybe she is part Christian, part Buddhist. The problem is, Buddhists don’t see coming back again and again as a good thing. Just like Hinduism which also has reincarnation, they are trying to escape this life. In their system the world is nothing but pain that we are trying to escape and reach Nirvana. If you come back reincarnated it means you failed. No Buddhist wants to come back. They want to escape this reality.

The more profound part of her statement actually has to do with the implied view of God’s love and what eternity with Him would be like. Somehow the notion is expressed that once we die, we are just a throw away. Apparently it would be far more environmentally friendly on a cosmic/spiritual plane for God to “recycle” us. Like most westerners she misses the point that God does not recycle us, He redeems us. The Bible teaches that eventually Heaven and Earth will become one. God will restore creation to its intended purity and restore us to a right relationship with Him. His love for us is so vast and overwhelming that far from simply recycling us, He redeems us to be His people and to walk with Him again in the Garden.

I don’t fault Reba at all for her ideas. They are becoming more common all the time. I place the blame on those of us who claim to follow Christ. We have not understood or promoted the Biblical teaching of God’s love being a redeeming love. When we have it has only focused on being forgiven of personal sin. But redemption is so much more. All creation groans in expectation of the day when God will set things to right. It will be a day when sin, and pain, and sorrow, and suffering are no more. It will be a day of rejoicing, and dancing, and delighting in God our King. That is how much He loves us. He loves us so much that He sent His only son to redeem us and the world. He will in fact make us New Creatures and not a recycled retread.

3 thoughts on “Reba, Reincarnation, Recycling, and Redemption

  1. Great blog Dan, but I have to say I am sick and tired of these so called celebrities thinking that just because they are a “celebrity” that their words and beliefs should be taken as gospel. You are starting to see this more and more with pastors of these “mega churches”. They seem to believe they are some kind of celebrity and therefore we should not question them. It seems even from the church you are hearing less and less about Jesus. What’s a christian to do.

  2. Jacob Smith

    For those of you who like Reba’s music as do I, her sister, Susie McEntire Luchsinger is a Christian and she sings for the Lord (beautifuly, I might add)! She is my favorite singer and a friend of mine. Check her out @

  3. Kitty Keithley

    Today is Monday, February 20,2017
    Reba was interviewed by an evening program on The River, a radio station I listen to in Newark, OH. She was interviewed recently on a program called Keep the Faith hear from 7 to 10 p.m. weekdays. I contacted both the on Air Manager and the Head of The River today because I heard Reba on their morning station on some type of sound byte about her new album. I KNOW SHE BELIEVES IN REINCARNATION BECAUSE I HEARD AN INTERVIEW WITH HER SEVERAL YEARS AGO.
    This is a major Christian radio station that was unaware she believes in Reincarnation, hence she IS NOT A CHRISTIAN. THE main manager of the station is going to talk to the organization that sponsors the evening program.
    Reba can’t be a Christian if she believes in reincarnation and that God recylcles people!!!
    And the radio station played the excerpt about her new album about Jesus and where to buy it. I asked them to remove the ad because anyone thinking they like her music will be drawn into the deception of the Jesus she is preaching which is not the one who died for all of us!
    If you are reading this, just google Reba’s name and there are a number of articles that come up about this issue. This is not fake news.
    I am hoping that the radio station will withdraw the sponsors of the program and/or make a statement about not sponsoring her albums.
    To make America great again, we have to bloom where we are planted. Each individual has the power to make difference where you are and react to t his information by telling people about it and stopping advertising and purchasing of Reba’s new album. In doing so you are honoring Jesus who died for our sins. Reba is dishonoring the death of our Saviour by preaching reincarnation and if you don’t understand what this is, please check out the meaning and get educated.
    If you want to contact me, email is

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