Common Ground Between “Pagan Christianity” and “Provocative Christianity”.

A few days ago I had breakfast with Frank Viola. No he is not the Cy Young winning pitcher who played for the Minnesota Twins, although that would be a great breakfast also. This Frank Viola is the author of “Pagan Christianity”, a book that calls the church to consider the ways in which we have gotten off mission by adopting structures and values from outside the Bible. To say the least the book is controversial and challenging. For example the quote, “The traditional church has neither the biblical nor historical right to exist as it does”, is bound to stir up some serious response. Unfortunately what people focus on is the structural issues related to church that Frank talks about. He is a huge proponent of churches meeting in homes. So you can understand why some people get a bit touchy.

What people need to focus on, and what I had the privilege of exploring at breakfast, is the heart Frank has for followers of Jesus living in community with one another and doing so in a way that brings glory to Jesus. Far too many churches function as large groups of passive people watching a small group of people do all the ministry. They are often filled with people who have not had the blessing of being grabbed by the awesome power of living in real community with Christ and His people. They are people who have not been confronted with the amazing miracle of being used by God to lead another person to faith in Jesus. Far too often our churches are filled with people who have had a very limited and a very diluted experience of Jesus and the power of being fully devoted to Him.

As a result of our diluted and passive Christian experience most people never have an impact on the world around them. Most Christian lives are just not provocative. We don’t provoke questions from others. Part of the motivation behind Provocative Christian is that our lives are too much like those of people who are not following Jesus. As a result nobody sees any difference in our lives as Christians, at least not a difference that they want in their lives. Frank wants to help Christians live in such a strong biblical community that our lives will be different and those lives will draw people to Jesus. I couldn’t agree with Frank more.

One of the best parts of our discussion was on how much of American Christianity is focused on the individual follower. It focuses on how to be a better Christian who does all the right things. What gets left out is that we can never be the kind of followers Jesus wants us to be if we are not in community with other Christians. It is impossible to become more like Jesus if you are not living out your faith in community with others. A basic theological reason for that is our understanding of God as trinity. The Father, Son, and Spirit exist as one God yet in the marvelous relationship that we call the Trinity. If God is such a relationship of unity and we are created in His image, then in some way we must demonstrate godly relationships.

On a more concrete level, any reading of the Book of Acts shows how incredible that first century community was. They loved, served, cared, challenged and died for one another. If anyone was in need then they met that need. If anyone was sick, the visited and prayed for them. If anyone was straying from the faith they went to them in love and urged them back. Living in such community made it possible for them to grow in Christ like character. It also caused the world to take notice of the difference in those followers of Jesus. Some people were in repulsed by those differences. People always will hate some aspect of the Christian life. But many were attracted by it. It was a compelling witness to how life could be different and so they asked why these Christians lived as they did, why they loved one another so deeply. Eventually the world was turned on it’s collective ear because of that community of believers.

Frank Viola is coming at this from the direction of the House Church or Simple Church. I come at it from the direction of discipleship and the need for each follower to give it all for Jesus. Yet in a very real way we are both coming at it from the same starting point. That starting point is the questions “What needs to happen for Christians to live a life so united to Jesus that they change the world for His glory”. There are lots of details that Frank and I would think differently about or at least have a different perspective. But when the bottom line for both is bringing glory to Jesus through changed lives then we stand on a pretty solid piece of common ground.

2 thoughts on “Common Ground Between “Pagan Christianity” and “Provocative Christianity”.

  1. Carol

    I find this to be right in line with Pastor Joel’s teaching this weekend—that life in Christ should change each and every one of us to reflect His life and His love. And I agree with Frank about the “traditional church”. :)+

  2. Kbird

    I believe in the Biblical and Historical Church. Through the years there have been changes in the church due to the changes in our understanding of what Scripture means. For the most part the church to some degree believes the same things in the basics, but then things gradually change from believer to believer.

    Still the real issue seems to come to us submitting ourselves to God. Now what that means becomes the issue, because many especially head pastors or apostles seem to think that means you have to obey them or you are out of the will of God and you are in rebellion. They do not consider that God does talk to individuals and guides them in doing His will and it may not be leading music because that person has a great musical gift, it maybe teaching children’s church simply because God has given them the heart to. It will bring about growth for them personally as well (as an example). Maybe those in leadership need to resubmit themselves to God in what it means to be a pastor or apostle according to the Word of God. God is not legalistic in the methods of how we pastor or plant churches, but there are the basics. Are they doing the basics and allowing God to reveal to His children individually what they are called to do, then give them the freedom to express that calling? There are the basic callings, gifts, and service that is stated in the scriptures, but the combinations of those things can be as varied as there are individuals within the church.

    Churches are a wonderful place for charities to be in, but the church is more than charities. It is made up of GOd’s children gathered together out of a heart’s desire to worship God in truth and in spirit. God’s children not only come together to worship God, but to learn more about who God is and who He created us to be. To get to know and better understand God and ourselves. I believe that is what the church has lost. The church has lost the heart of who and what we our, simply God’s children. And as such most church members do not obey the scripture because scripture for the most part is opposite of this world system. The church does not want to be different from the world, it has been suduced to believe it needs to be like the culture or world system of today.

    I myself am just beginning to understand the truth of this and am trying to change how my household operates. To operate more from God’s perspective and less from the culture or world system.

    I believe there are those who are and will begin to understand the seduction the world system has over the church and will break free of such seduction to be who God has called them to be as His sons and daughters. I also believe that the instituional church will not change, it will remain institional and worldly. Having the form, but not the spirit or substance of the living breathing body of Christ.

    Have a blessed day,

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