At the School for Orphans in Swaziland

I was supposed to be helping with construction but God had other ideas. I spent the morning visiting homes for some of the children at the school. Michael is an eleven year old Swazi boy who has a right leg seven inches shorter than his left. It is the result of a broken femur and poor medical care. He lives with his grandmother and 17 year old sister and her 1 year old child. His father abadoned them when Michael was four. His mother and two older sister later died from AIDS. Michael walks nearly two miles to school every day on his severly mismatched legs
He and I sat and shared an orabge while waiting for another group to finish a home vist to one of his classmates. I told him that Michael in the Bible is a powerful angel who serves God. He siad that he wanted to be a man who lived by Gods power and wanted to leanr more about Him. I asked if he could read English and when he shook his head yes I pulled out my Kindle reader to give him a treat. Opening it to John 1:1 I had Michael read. We then went to John 3:16-18.
At that point the rest of the group returned when another team member saw him reading to me and asked michael if he was teaching me. “No” he said, “:e is teaching me”. “What is he teaching you.” Michaels face lit up. “”He is teaching me about God”. That is why we come.

4 thoughts on “At the School for Orphans in Swaziland

  1. Keli Shaw

    Thank you so much for this update Dan,it’s such a gift to all of us who have been there and love that little community in Swaziland….I so enjoyed going into the community last year when we profiled the students. Walking with the children,sitting with the families , visiting their homesteads….it means so much to them. (not sure who is blessed more you or them) : ) I was hoping and praying that home visits to the school families would happen this summer too ! May God give you all that is needed for His Kingdom sake there in Siteki….. praying for you all.

  2. Carol

    Your story made me smile! Thanks, Dan, for all you do in bringing the Kingdom and the King to others who may not know Him! :)+

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