Finding God and Church Online

Some of you have been aware of the role I have at Northland Church. In a nutshell it is to help Northland be a catalyst for the starting of more than a million new house churches, what we call Simple Churches, around the world by 2020. Today the Orlando Sentinel did an article on a major piece of the plan. I hope you enjoy it and will do two things. First, pray that we follow God’s lead and make this happen on His terms. Second, consider joining the effort of Global Media Outreach.,0,5297032.story


3 thoughts on “Finding God and Church Online

  1. Carol

    Thanks for posting this, Dan. Otherwise those of us who don’t get the Sentinel wouldn’t have known about the article. I am so glad that I was able to attend the meeting and become an online missionary….and meet you and Barb.

  2. This definitely strikes my interest. I am looking for new ways to utilize technology for our church for outreach and discipleship. Thanks for sharing and thinking outside the box.

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