Hey, I’m Published!

Okay, shameless self promotion time! Recently I was asked to write an article for Church Solutions Magazine about the use of the internet in Christian ministry. The article has been published as part of their online magazine and will appear in the print version in March. So here is the link to the online version. 


One thought on “Hey, I’m Published!

  1. William

    Congratulations, Dan! It’s a great, well-written article. You are exactly correct: accountability partners and fellowship are two of the biggest hurdles we face as online members. I wonder if there is a way to do an internet chat or conference call (even better), or video conference call (best!) for online worshipers, outside of the service? Something to help keep people connected outside of service times and 3 hour trips to other house churches. What about a 24/7 online “chat” or forum where any member could go and talk to whoever else was there, when they needed to? It would have to have an online leader present constantly, I suppose, but what a great way to have someone to talk to, without having to worry about calling at a bad time, etc. It could serve as a training opportunity, too. Members of the online community could be trained to function as the online leader, which would help strengthen their connection to the community even more. There could be sections for women only fellowship, men only, students, everyone combined, or other groups – really any group you would see meeting at the physical church.

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