Waiting for Fay

By Florida standards, hurricane/tropical storm Fay looks to be a minor blip on the radar of meteorological history. Some wind, lots of rain, even more hype.  Yet as I watch the dark clouds of  outer bands sweep across the sky and watch comfortably from Barnies  Coffee & Tea Company as trees bend in the parking lot, I can’t help but think of Job 38 when the Lord answered Job out of the storm and pretty much put him straight as to who was in charge of the universe. Then of course there is Jesus showing His power over creation when with just a word, He made the storm and waves stop on the Sea of Galilee.

For all it’s periodic terror and destruction,  the weather is still under the control of our sovereign God. The power of the wind and rain and waves is nothing compared to the God who holds the entire creation in the span of His hand. He is Lord over all creation to the extent that creation itself is groaning in anticipation o f the return of Christ when even the rocks will break forth in praise to our king. So in the midst of the incessant weather updates, the rush for groceries and flashlight batteries, and the uncertainty of what the storm brings, there is an amazing sense of awe and wonder the compared to our God, the power of the storm  points to the glory and power of our Redeemer and King.

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