Who Am I?

For starters I grew up in an unchurched family in a time when everyone else on our street still went to church. So I knew next to nothing about the Bible and Jesus before giving my life to him before my senior year in high school. I also have vivid memories of my first few times in a Bible study and having people laugh when I quoted what I thought was something from the Bible only to learn that it was from Ben Franklin. As a result God has given me a huge heart for and understanding of people who don’t know Jesus. In addition I am convinced that if we really loved God and our neighbor like Jesus commanded, then the world would be a different place. It was because someone showed that kind of love to me that I came to Christ so I know it works.

For more than 30 years God has allowed me to teach and lead others into a deeper relationship with Christ. That got a huge jump start during my first semester in college when I knew God was speaking to me with the words, “study for me”. Along the way I got a BA in Theology and Psychology from a Catholic/Charismatic university, studied for two years at a liberal Presbyterian seminary, got a Masters degree from an evangelical Episcopal seminary and finally a Doctorate from Reformed Theological Seminary. As a result I have an ability to talk with folks from most any theological perspective out there. In ministry itself I served for 16 years at a church in Pittsburgh, a majority of that time as the Sr. Pastor, planted a church from scratch in Orlando for 8 years and now serve as a Pastor at Northland Church, also in Orlando.

My wife and I met in college and God gave me the incredible privilege of marrying someone that I helped bring to Christ. We have three sons all in their 20’s. It is not unusual at our house to hear us talk to one another on multiple languages. In addition to English at least one of us knows or is learning, Spanish, Arabic, German, Chinese or Afrikaans. Of course we don’t understand each other but it is pretty funny when we carry on conversations that way.

If you are on Facebook I would love to get a friend request from you. Trust me, if you search my name I am the only one who will pop up on your list.

With you in His great adventure,

Dan Lacich

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Dan. Good to meet you. (Electronically anyway) Amen to your testimony my brother.
    It’s great to see more and more Born Again Christians getting the word out. Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog.

  2. Benjamin Ferris

    Hi Dan, I am also from PGH. I have no idea how I came to your website but here I am by grace. I have one question,

    How did you (Dan) come to Christ? Jesus says in (John 6:44) no one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him… also, Jesus states in (John 15:16) you did not choose Me, but I chose you…

    The reason I am asking is because in “who am I” page in the last sentence of the first paragraph you wrote, “….that I came to Christ and so I know it works”

  3. Dan Lacich

    Dear Benjamin,
    What part of Pittsburgh are you from? I graduated from Baldwin High School but also lived in the North Hills for many years.
    As far as me coming to Christ, as with many, it was a process over time. God used several people and their relationships with Him to draw me in. The most important was a girl named Holly who over a period of several months showed the love of Christ to me in very tangible ways. She cared deeply about me and that opened my heart to the love of Christ. Her love for me was a tangible expression of Christ’s love and I came to know that I needed that love and all it offered. One night I finally asked a couple of friends what I needed to do to get to heaven and they made it clear that I needed to surrender my life to Christ and follow Him for the rest of my days. Before going to bed that night I prayed and surrendered my life to Christ. When I woke the next day I knew I was different and would be so for the rest of my life.
    Of course there are many details that could take way to long to share but suffice it to say, yes, Jesus drew me to Himself and used other people to do it. Their love for me was really Christ’s love coming through human agents.

  4. Benjamin Ferris

    Hi Dan, I live in Brookline and I went to Carrick High School class of 93. Thank you for the fast response and your testimony, I hope I did not get to personal. Is Jesus a saver of sinners or what.

    Jesus saved me super bowl Sunday of last year Feb. 5, 2012 at 3 am.
    I also was taught that we (all people) are not righteousness, not good, do not seek after God, our heart has evil thoughts always & deceives us and we do not fear God. On top of that; if you sin one time in thought, word, or deed you are condemned to hell forever. I was doomed, I am sin and all I do are sins.

    So I went to a bible study for 1 year off and on and start telling myself that I am a slave to Christ, I can do nothing on my own, not even move my little finger, and it is not up to me to be saved but up to God to send me to His Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    By His Word, Christ Jesus beat down my flesh (feelings) of boasting, proud, envy, my works, I am my own God, I can do anything I want attitude. He humbled me, and I knew that I am going to hell and their is nothing I can do, so I prayed and asked for forgiveness, mercy, and to be saved (born again) and BAM at 3 am every cell on my body was 50X magnified, I was set free from bondage of sin and became free as a slave to Jesus my Lord. He does save sinners! I was chief sinner of Brookline.

    Today, I live, eat, breathe, drink; Jesus Christ. He does all things for me, all things. He saved a wretched sinner like me. I thank Him continually day and night. He filled me with grace but I am still a sinner, but where sin abounded grace abounded much more. His love is so big I can not explain it, it is AWE that big. I love others because He filled me with His love and that love I can not handle or hold in, so it bubbles over to others. I hope His Spirit fills you as He did me. Exalt, edify, admonish, one another for Gods glory.

    I am complete in Jesus Christ, I live for Christ, or to die is gain. Death where is your sting!
    All by Grace was I able to write this, God be with you and your family Dan, I hope I did not over express myself. All about Christ! Is there anything else?

  5. Dan Lacich

    Dear Ben
    Graduated from Baldwin in 75. I lived in Carrick until the end of 5th grade and went to Quentin Roosevelt Elementary School on The Boulevard. I lived on Transverse between Birmingham and The Boulevard. Great to hear your story! That’s good stuff. Are you connected to a church or fellowship in that area?

  6. Benjamin Ferris

    Thank you, the stuff is not mine but the Lords work in me. I did belong to a catholic church went on the holidays, my kids did go to a catholic school but the Jesus they taught and preached was not the same Jesus that save me, so as a father my role in the family; I will teach the children about God. I have been to many churches in the area, but they all have religion with tickling of ears, not Christ. I mean Christ and only Christ should be preached, taught, and glorified. His Word and nothing else, Who is Christ. Who are we according to God, they are my two questions I ask after a sermon. I am a true worshiper. I hope that explains my state, how about you and your church or fellowship?

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  8. Thomas McElhoes

    Dan, Thanks for your work and your walk ! You have offered bread from our Lord . In my slow but very uplifting walk I try everyday to be Christ like in all I do but all to often need clarification. I find the reading difficult at times and like to hear the verses in terms that relate to our current times. May the good Lord continue to shine on you , your works, and your family. Thanks, Tom

  9. Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon

    Hello Fred,
    I’m enjoying reading your blog. I found you on Networkedblogs! I came to GOD, and his son Jesus Christ by way of my “Knee’s” yelling out to him for help from my gambling addiction! He saved me a couple times by way of a hospital bed, TWICE! from 2 “failed” attempts. He has given me my purpose in LIFE. First, to write my story of Addiction, Childhood traumatic events as a little girl, Abuse, and more, and share it with others as a WRITER. And second, to be on a LIFE LONG MISSION to be of Recovery Service to others. “Praise God” that I will “Celebrate” my 7 year recovery B-day on Jan 29th, 2014. All by the Grace & Glory of my Father.

    I’m a New Fan and now following! 🙂
    Many blessings this Holiday Season,
    Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon 🙂

  10. Michael McKenna

    Hi Dan,

    My name is Michael McKenna I live in Lake Mary. I just finished watching the post on FB of your Fox Interview. I’ve been a member of Northland Church Distributed since “The Rink”. I have been talking to Joel and Vernen about this reoccurring dream, I’ve had about making a feature film as a community 7 stories in the Bible starting with present day and going back to Gen 1 (think avatar).

    This dream has changed my life in as much as I took leave of my electrical contracting company several years ago to receive my film production degree at Full Sail University. I would like to meet with you to discuss the idea of building a screen writing team in collaboration with several Churches and Synagogs in central Florida. My email is mckennarnc@gmail.com.

    God Bless You!

  11. d woods


    This is Doug Woods from Pittsburgh… Just want to give you a hello from the very distant past. I want to say thank you for pointing me in the right direction in my teen years when i was not sure who I was…but i am proud of who i am today….Yes i still question everything (if you remember)…One thing I did not question is that you would be come a huge pillar in the church community…as for me, got three kids still in Pittsburgh..I don’t keep in touch with too many people….just thought i would say thanks for your guidance.

    Good Luck—i mean faith

  12. Dan Lacich

    So great to hear from you! It is so good to know that things are going well for you. What part of town are you living in? Feel free to shoot me an email. dlacich@aol.com


  13. Hi! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone!
    Just wanted to say I love reading through your
    blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the great work!

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